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10 New TT Features to Try Today

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01 TT Mobile

Access TT’s suite of professional trading tools from virtually anywhere via TT Mobile for Android and iOS

  • View real-time market data and charts, monitor positions and trade from virtually anywhere
  • Place Autospreader® orders from your phone
  • Available now via Google Play and the App Store
02 Usability Features

Streamline your TT experience

  • Use contextual search to quickly find products and instruments
  • Server-based workspaces travel with you
  • Automatically roll contracts when they expire
  • Snap widgets together to create Widget Groups
03 Aggregator

Access greater liquidity by combining two or more instruments from different markets into a single synthetic instrument

  • Normalize prices with Price Offset
  • Combine bid and ask quantities at each price for a more liquid instrument
  • Define the routing behavior when trading an aggregated instrument. For example:
    • Route orders to get best price
    • Route orders to incur lower fees
    • Split orders and route to multiple destinations
04 New Exchanges

Access Nasdaq Futures (NFX) and Nasdaq eSpeed

  • Trade NFX futures and options on key energy benchmarks including oil, natural gas and U.S. power
  • Get direct access to eSpeed’s liquidity pool to trade complex strategies across a range of U.S. Treasury securities and futures products
  • Spread NFX and eSpeed products against products listed on other exchanges
  • Use Aggregator to view energy or fixed income markets across multiple exchanges and route orders from the aggregated view
05 Enhanced Autospreader®

Take your spread trading to a new level

  • Customize your Autospreader logic like never before
    • Use Autospreader rules to tweak your hedging logic and quoting logic
    • Write your own rules or use “canned” rules provided by TT
    • Use the TT Iceberg algo to drive Autospreader orders
  • Achieve superior performance
    • Autospreader servers are deployed in colocated data centers
    • Pre-trade risk checking removes the risk-check latency for requotes and hedge orders
    • Achieve sub-100 microsecond hedge latency and quote latency
06 Spread Matrix

View and trade the inside market for both synthetic and exchange-listed calendar spreads

  • View all contract expirations and exchange-defined calendar spreads in a single window
  • Quickly enter orders and manage positions for both outrights and calendar spreads using Spread Matrix and a floating order book
  • Dynamically create synthetic spreads comprised of two different products and launch Autospreader to trade them with a single action
07 Order-Cross Prevention

Guard against wash trades without disrupting your automated strategies

  • Use Order-Cross Prevention with Position Transfer to prevent wash trades
  • Minimize execution and clearing fees
  • Potentially get better fills
08 FIX Order Routing

Connect FIX applications to TT via an intuitive web-based front end

  • Easily match FIX tags, semantics and symbology to easily integrate two flavors of FIX
  • Launch synthetic spreads and algos running on TT’s co-located execution servers
  • Get redundancy and true failover through cloud-based FIX session persistence and automatic load balancing
09 Third-Party Algos

Access third-party algos from within TT

  • Get execution algos from third parties alongside Trading Technologies’ existing synthetic order types
  • Deploy all algos from a single desktop, web or mobile interface
10 Server-Side Simulator

Trade in simulation on a server-side matching engine

  • Try new features
  • Practice trading new products or using new trading styles
  • Test algos and other automated strategies against live market data