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Going Big, Not Going Home

As operational applications in the financial services industry — mirroring their cousins in general business apps and consumer services apps — continue to get smaller and sleeker, Chicago-based electronic trading technologies provider Trading Technologies (TT) is taking the opposite tack.

UChicago Midwest Trading Competition: The Next Generation Gets a Taste

On April 8, the University of Chicago hosted its fifth iteration of the Midwest Trading Competition, drawing 102 students from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities across the United States and Canada. The students got a chance to test their algorithms using Trading Technologies’ TT Platform in a variety of simulations involving pairs trading and options market-making.

Trading Systems: A Hybrid Cloud-Colo Approach

The financial services industry has traditionally had a reputation for acting cautiously — keeping risks to a minimum. Over the past decade, though, competition across industries has forced FS companies to become more nimble, more aggressive. One of the most important moves many companies have made has been to embrace cloud computing.