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OSE Rollout of Tailor Made Combination (TMC) Fills


On August 28, OSE will introduce enhanced ticking granularity on Options Tailor Made Combination (TMC) outright fills. In order to handle the ticking changes for these products, upgrades are required on these applications to the following versions:



  • OSE 7.18.8 (releasing later this week)

Client Applications:

  • X_TRADER 7.17.75 (releasing later this week)
  • X_RISK 7.17.74
  • TT User Setup 7.17.x
  • FIX Adapter 7.17.94
  • TTAPI 7.17.74
  • X_TRADER API 7.17.74
  • Algo SE 7.17.74
  • Synthetic SE 7.17.74
  • Historical Fill Server 7.17.51
  • Autospreader SE 7.17.74


NOTE: Client software versions prior to those listed above will crash or become unresponsive if connecting to a Gateway running OSE 7.18.8 software.


After August 28, customers who receive fills with four-decimal precision on TMC leg fills will not see the correct precision displayed unless TT software is upgraded to the versions listed above. For example, a fill at a price which should display as 0.4383 will instead display as 43.83.  OSE 7.18.8, along with X_TRADER 7.17.75, also introduces support for the submission of wholesale orders with four-decimal precision.


Should you have any questions, please contact your TAM.