Possible Stale Orders on LME


Over the past weekend, LME performed an mandatory API upgrade.  Following this upgrade GTC & GTD orders were not carried over and were cancelled by the exchange.  Traders should verify the status of any GTCs that were working prior to this weekend and submit new GTC orders where necessary.

If orders were not removed prior to this weekend, traders may be at risk of stale GTC orders that appear to be working on X_TRADER, but are in fact not working on LME.  Please contact the exchange to verify the status of any GTCs entered prior to the past weekend. Stale working orders can be removed by performing an Admin Delete via X_RISK.


A copy of the exchange’s advisory is below for your reference.



Date: Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 4:21 PM

Subject: LMEselect 9.3 Upgrade Final Reminder



Final Reminder  –  LMEselect 9.3 goes live on Monday 30 July 2018

Key Information:

  •         Mandatory GUI upgrade – The final version is 9.3.2, which is available on the website. All 9.2 versions will not be supported after close of business on Friday 27 July 2018
  •         GTC & GTD orders will not be saved and Members must enter new GTC orders on LMEselect 9.3
  •         Historical order and trade history will not be transferred
  •         User profiles will not be compatible with the new version and will be restored to default

Following the system upgrade on Saturday 28 July 2018, a connectivity test windowwill be made available to all Members and ISVs from 12:00 until 14:00 (UK Time). During this period, FIX and GUI users will only be able to login to the production environment of LMEselect to test and verify connectivity. The market will be closed and therefore no order management will be possible.