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On Monday, 20th March, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) will proceed with the production launch of their New Trading Platform (NTP) API.  For additional detail from the exchange on this initiative, please refer to the NTP portal on the exchange website.

ASX have published their NTP Go-Live Information pack, which includes details on all launch weekend activities, and is available here.

TT Impact  

Trading Technologies released the SFE 7.18 Gateway last year to facilitate customer testing during exchange mock sessions. Prior to March 17, we will release version 7.18.4, which is to be used for production trading on March 20.  You do not need to upgrade your X_TRADER version

NOTE: The SFE 7.18 Gateway is not backward compatible with the current API, and should not be installed for use during production trading until after the close on Friday, March 17th.  

Customers with access to TT Gateways running 7.18 which are connecting to the pre-prod environment may begin migrating risk and creating workspaces ahead of the migration date. TTNET customers in both Multibroker and single broker environments can begin the process of providing traders with access to their new Gateways so that they may begin rebuilding workspaces.

There are multiple options for migrating risk from an existing Gateway to a new Gateway which is running in parallel. Customers may begin this process manually as soon as the new gateway is running, or they may wait until the migration weekend and run the TTUS Migration tool. Please refer to the following documents which cover the steps necessary to enable users on the new gateways, rebuild workspaces and migrate risk setup.

Additional Documentation for TT User Setup Admins:

Additional Documentation for X_TRADER Users:

For additional details on the NTP migration and its impact to TT software, please see our ASX NTP Migration Guide.

Should you have any questions, please contact your local TAM. 

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