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FMDS TradeCalendar.xml and TradeCalendar_primary.xml files have been updated and are currently available for download via the Miscellaneous section of the TT Download Center.

Updates include: 

  • Change to the OSE Schedule’s PreClosing (updated to 5:25)
  • Change to the Schedule for the SGX Nikkei Futures to open at 7:30 (15 minutes earlier)
  • Change to the T+0 closing to 16:30 and the T+1 open to 17:15 on the SGX FTSE ChinaA50 Schedule

To upload these files to FMDS:

  • Navigate to <drive letter>:\tt\config.
  • Back up existing TradeCalendar.xml and TradeCalendar_primary.xml files.
  • Copy the latest TradeCalendar.xml and TradeCalendar_primary.xml files downloaded from the TT Download Center into this directory.

Should you have any questions, please contact TT Support.

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