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ICE Futures Europe Contracts Transitioning to ICE Futures U.S. Energy Division


As stated in ICE Circular 18002, on February 19, 2018, ICE will transition certain ICE North American Oil and ICE Financial Natural Gas Liquids products from ICE Futures Europe (“IFEU”)  to ICE Futures U.S. (“IFUS”).  


On February 19:

  • Transitioning contracts will be removed from IFEU and added to IFUS
  • Contract codes will remain the same
  • Positions will be transitioned with the contracts

To support this, ICE will add a new market type ID (165) which will be under the ICE OTC and ICE ORC Options multicast groups.  

Customer Impact

Customers should ensure that traders who can access the “IFEU Energy Div Oil” market data product group can access the “ICE Futures U.S” market data product group prior to February 19. If the trader no longer requires the “IFEU Energy Div Oil” product group, customers should ensure that this market data product group is disabled to prevent being reported for market data usage.


As the products are being migrated to a new market type ID (165), this market ID must be added to the MarkeTypeIds list in the ICE_IPE file. The comments section can be optionally updated. Additionally, market type ID 165, should be added to [OTC] and [OTC Options] in the multicastgroups.cfg file.


No other Gateway changes are needed.


If you have any questions, please contact your Technical Account Manager.

ICE Documentation

For a list of affected products, see

For a copy of the ICE Circular, see