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Breaking Through: Margie Teller, Part 2

For Part 1 of this interview between our VP of Customer Success Kara Grygotis and Margie Teller, see Breaking Through: Margie Teller, Part 1.

Kara: In addition to Friends for the Cure, your foundation for diabetes research, what other projects do you have in flight?

Margie: I just finished a novel titled Front Runner, a financial intrigue story with a touch of romance. I’ve been working on it for just about 13 years. It is now officially a period piece. So that is done, though it’s not published yet. And the thing that’s really taking up a lot of my time now is a TV pilot I’m working on about the trading floor from 1986 to probably about 2005. I’ve been working on that for about 18 months. The pilot should be written within the next six weeks or so, which I’m excited about.


Breaking Through: Margie Teller, Part 1

Throughout my time in fintech, I’ve had the privilege of working with some strong female role models. However, and specifically in the world of trading, the female point of view rarely gets exposure. That’s unfortunate, as some of the best and biggest traders have been and are women.

To that end, this fall we’re releasing a series of interviews with women who have helped pave the way for the current generation of female traders. For this first installment, I spoke with Margie Teller, a former CME floor trader whose trading achievements earned her a formidable reputation, an induction into the FIA Futures Hall of Fameand a nickname to boot.

We expect you will enjoy this series titled “Breaking Through: How Three Women Took on the World of Trading,” which presents three very successful female traders who have unique career paths and viewpoints to share.