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The End of an Era: X_TRADER®’s Final Sunset

“But even the longest day wears to sunset.”

–  Marion Zimmer Bradley

Over the next year or so, we will officially begin sunsetting the X_TRADER® platform. In case you haven’t heard this term before in relation to software, it means a gradual phasing out of a platform, with specific milestones where development, services, and support end. In the case of X_TRADER, the first of these milestones will be as soon as Q4 of this year, and the last will be in early 2020, when support will end across all aspects of the platform.


TT® at Three: The Next Wave

At the start of last year’s FIA Conference in Boca Raton, I wrote a blog comparing the TT platform to my twin toddlers (all three turned two that year). With another year and many milestones under their belt, my now 3 ½ year old children seem to have become…actual people. Whereas the first couple years seemed to be packed with equal parts novelty and anxiety, now life is really all about getting used to the new normal: that we have two more roommates living with us.


Happening Now at TT: Machine Learning, Cryptocurrency, New Customers

As the curtain rises on yet another FIA Expo in TT’s hometown of Chicago, I’m reflecting back on everything that’s transpired since last year’s event. As seems to be the case every Expo, a lot has happened in our little corner of the world at TT.

Most recently, we announced the acquisition of Neurensic, a Chicago start-up that developed a trade surveillance system based on machine learning. The technology, which has its roots in artificial intelligence, is already being used by a handful of our customers. In the most simple terms, it identifies and flags trading activities or patterns that may be viewed as problematic by regulators. It does so before they become an issue, which is something no other trade surveillance product can do today.


TT® at Two

It’s been just over two years since we officially launched the TT platform here at the annual FIA Conference in Boca Raton. It’s been even longer—approaching five years—since taking our very first steps toward what many outside of TT thought was a crazy idea: that Software-as-a-Service could redefine our industry the way it had so many others.

So when I was asked to give a few brief thoughts on the second year of life of the TT platform and what it’s meant for our company and, more importantly, our clients, I could only think of one analogy that best describes it. That’s right: my two-year-old twin toddlers.