Crypto Corner: Dan Gunsberg of Gordian Block Capital

Crypto Corner: Dan Gunsberg of Gordian Block CapitalOur first guest in our crypto interview series is a traditional trader, turned crypto trader, turned crypto entrepreneur. Like many in crypto, Dan Gunsberg is an interesting guy with an interesting background; and because of this, we conducted this interview over breakfast at an interesting place, Soho House in Chicago. It’s not the typical place for a business meeting, but rather more of a hipster joint where business guys aren’t welcome—but crypto guys fit right in.

Dan is the co-founder of Gordian Block Capital, LLC, a cryptocurrency and digital assets investment and trading firm. Dan has over 20 years experience in financial markets, trading and technology. Dan has been active in crypto markets since 2015. He left traditional markets in October 2017 to pursue full-time cryptocurrency trading.  

Dan holds a BFA in Political Science from The Ohio State University. He currently resides in Highland Park, Illinois.


The End of an Era: X_TRADER®’s Final Sunset

“But even the longest day wears to sunset.”

–  Marion Zimmer Bradley

Over the next year or so, we will officially begin sunsetting the X_TRADER® platform. In case you haven’t heard this term before in relation to software, it means a gradual phasing out of a platform, with specific milestones where development, services, and support end. In the case of X_TRADER, the first of these milestones will be as soon as Q4 of this year, and the last will be in early 2020, when support will end across all aspects of the platform.


Peering into the TT® Crypto Future(s)

I’d like to announce a new initiative for TT’s cryptocurrency business. We’re starting a new series here on Trade Talk, just for crypto, that we’re calling Crypto Corner. It will be akin to our “5 Questions with…” series which features interviews with traders and other thought leaders in our industry.