KCG’s Samantha Coyne.

Last month, we announced we will be giving our X_TRADER and TT platform users connectivity to KCG Fixed Income, which provides direct access to on-the-run U.S. Treasury liquidity. This will be the first time we will offer a link to liquidity from a non-exchange provider.

As stated in our joint announcement: “With this new connection to KCG, TT will provide professional traders with a consolidated point of access to multiple sources of global fixed income liquidity. With the upcoming server-side Aggregator, customers will be able to consolidate the display and introduce smart order-routing logic when trading complex strategies across multiple U.S. Treasury markets.”

I recently talked with Samantha Coyne, head of fixed income client services for KCG, to discuss the KCG offering and how Trading Technologies’ customers can leverage this new offering. Read on for her insight.

TT: We are very excited to establish connectivity to KCG’s Fixed Income liquidity. Can you tell us a bit more about the origination of this offering?

KCG: Well first, I want to say what a pleasure it is to be part of the TT family. What we deliver to your network is a bi-lateral market maker that provides strong two-way liquidity in on-the-run U.S. Treasuries. This solution officially started within GETCO in October 2012 and has seen significant growth over the past two years. This unique market making offering is now managed under the KCG umbrella as a result of the strategic merger of Knight Capital and GETCO in the summer of 2013.
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The new TT platform takes automated trading to a new level. Of course if you follow @Trading_Tech on Twitter, you already know that because we’ve been previewing some of the standout functionality there at #PreviewTT.

In the new platform, we’ve re-imagined and re-engineered our market-leading Autospreader®, ADL® (Algo Design Lab), Autotrader™ and API tools to be everything you know—but with more flexibility and accessibility than ever before.

  • Autospreader: TT comes with pre-canned popular features, like inside smart quote, which you can easily tweak and enhance. You can also build your own features with the new Rule Builder.
  • ADL: TT supports all the popular ADL functionality from X_TRADER®, like the ability to drive Autospreader with ADL. But you get even more with TT, like the ability to drive one algo from another.
  • Autotrader: You can launch the market-making algo that’s the backbone of the Autotrader window in X_TRADER from the TT Algo Dashboard. You can also create links between the inputs and outputs of any algo.
  • New APIs: The new TT APIs result in the lowest latency and highest throughput ever available from any TT application programming interface. In fact the TT Software Development Kit (TT SDK), a C/Linux-based API, delivers the highest level of performance and speed available in any TT API to date. (For more, see #PreviewTT: Get a Taste of Our APIs.)

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TT received multiple awards last week in New York, including
the HFM award for “Best Trading and Execution Technology.”

Well no, TT did not win anything at the Grammys. We did, however, take home both “Best Trading and Execution Technology” at the HFM U.S. Technology Awards and “Best Overall Technology” at the CTA U.S. Services Awards.

The CTA Intelligence Services Awards honor firms that have provided outstanding support and services to the North American managed futures industry, while the HFM U.S. Technology Awards recognize hedge fund technology providers that have demonstrated exceptional customer service and innovative product development.

“Given the strength of the contestants, it is quite an accomplishment for Trading Technologies to earn honors in both the HFM and CTA awards. With unique features like MultiBroker, order passing and ADL, TT’s X_TRADER platform gives traders a combination of flexibility and power that makes it a top technology offering for both CTAs and hedge fund managers,” said Matt Smith, head of content for CTA Intelligence. This sentiment was echoed by Chris Matthews, HFMWeek technology correspondent.

It’s great to know that hedge funds and CTAs find our X_TRADER® trading solution to be so compelling, but what’s coming with our next-generation TT platform is even more exciting.
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Ever wonder what Autospreader® used to look like before today? Find out in this slideshow on the history of automated trading at TT. This slideshow revisits key historical events in the evolution of AutospreaderAutotrader™ and ADL™, which comprise TT’s suite of front-end automated trading applications. You will also find a sneak preview of concepts that are being explored for future releases.

What’s next? Stay tuned to Trade Talk and our website. There’s much more to follow.