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Conquering Chaos: Trump’s Longer Term Effect on Interest Rates and Trading in Swap Futures

The following is a guest post by Christopher Rodriguez, chief marketing and relationship management officer of Eris Exchange, and Geoffrey Sharp, Eris’ managing director and head of sales. Eris is a U.S. futures exchange that offers listed interest rate swap futures. Trading Technologies offers connectivity to Eris through both the TT® and X_TRADER® platforms.

Some traders were more prepared than others for the results of the U.S. presidential election in November. Higher implied volatility, changes in risk premium and increases in interest rates resulted from Donald Trump’s surprise victory. Equity markets plunged then rallied. All told, the month of November was remarkable for traders.

Heading into Thanksgiving, 10-year Treasury Note Yields reached highs not seen since the middle of 2015. The bond sell-off tapered toward month-end, but the forwards predicted a more aggressively rising rate environment. (more…)

5 Questions with Magnus Haglind, COO and Deputy Head of Nasdaq Global Commodities

magnus haglind nasdaq futures
I first met Magnus Haglind when he was living in Chicago and serving as CEO of Nasdaq Futures (NFX), the U.S. energy market launched by Nasdaq in 2015. Nasdaq had announced Trading Technologies’ status as a preferred NFX vendor, and our teams were starting to work together to connect traders to the new exchange using our software.

While the collaboration between TT and Nasdaq has deepened, Magnus’ role has evolved. A native of Sweden, Magnus recently took a new position that has him overseeing Nasdaq’s global commodities business.

We spoke with Magnus as he was preparing to relocate from Chicago back to Stockholm where his position is based. Read on for insight into how he got his start, his view on technology, and what lies ahead for both NFX and Magnus.

– Brian Mehta, CMO


5 Questions with Geoff Sharp at Eris Exchange

Innovation, capital efficiency and broad market access are the hallmarks of Eris Exchange, which lists standardized LIBOR interest rate swap futures offered through TT®. In this edition of “Five Questions with…,” we talk with Geoff Sharp, who recently joined Eris as head of sales. We will explore how Eris continues to innovate and attract a broad range of clients to its market.

Brian Mehta, CMO

Geoff Sharp Eris Exchange

What brought you to Eris?

Geoff: After college, I spent my entire career in OTC markets; first structuring FX and interest rate derivative strategies for Credit Suisse in London, then trading both at Lehman in Tokyo and New York. This landed me on Lehman’s OTC interest rates derivatives sales desk in 2005, and I then moved on to Nomura as it expanded its global markets franchise following Lehman’s bankruptcy.


Extending the TT® Ecosystem


In the last two months, we have accomplished a significant milestone in the development of the TT platform. We’ve rolled out access to 16 new markets, bringing TT very close to market parity with X_TRADER®.

Adding new markets to a trading platform is not necessarily newsworthy. It’s what a software provider like us does multiple times a year, year after year. However, this mass rollout over the last two months has been unique in the way that 10 of those markets were integrated into TT.