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#PreviewTT: SaaS Architecture

Last week on Twitter, #PreviewTT looked at how the TT platform architecture allows us to deliver unprecedented benefits, combining the best of X_TRADER® with enhancements that make TT even easier to use, more accessible and more performant.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model eliminates the need for software installation, which means all users get access to the latest functionality on the day it launches regardless of where they’re located. Our customers say this makes TT a game changer.

SaaS also makes it possible to rapidly deliver that functionality virtually anywhere—whether you’re trading from a multi-monitor desktop workstation at the office, from a MacBook at home, or even from a phone while you’re on the go.

SaaS also enables the same workspaces, algos and configurations as well as your Audit Trail and other data to go wherever you go.

The TT platform’s back-end architecture and performance are equally impressive. Tests show latency of under 150 microseconds, while we’re building hot failover and full network path redundancy to ensure the network will be there when you need it.


The Growth of Swap Futures and the Box Trade: A Conversation with Eris Exchange

Mike Riddle,
COO of Eris Exchange

The passage of Dodd-Frank in 2010 required standardized derivatives to trade on open platforms and be submitted for clearing to central counterparties. As a result, many trades previously conducted over the counter moved onto exchanges backed by central counterparty clearing.

Drew Shields, our head of product management, sat down with Mike Riddle, the COO of Eris Exchange, a futures exchange that lists cash-settled interest rate swap futures, and Bill Campbell, TT’s director of fixed income products, to discuss the growth of swap futures and associated trading opportunities, specifically box trades.

Drew: Let’s take this from the top. Mike, can you talk to our readers about Eris Exchange?

Mike: Happy to. Eris Exchange is a futures exchange—a designated contract market regulated by the CFTC—that has been steadily growing since inception in 2011. We provide banks, commercials and prop traders a capital-efficient way to access interest rate swap futures. Increasingly, we are seeing prop trading groups access our market for unique trading opportunities.

Drew: Bill, as an expert in fixed income trading, can you tell our readers how they can leverage our connection to Eris using X_TRADER® and eventually our new TT platform?

Bill: X_TRADER already provides access to CBOT Treasury futures, cash markets at eSpeed and BrokerTec, along with Eris. A complete list of supported markets is on our website. Within this mix of liquidity pools, there are hundreds of ways to spread and trade fixed income contracts. Since Eris is the leading swap futures exchange, we’re planning to make that connection available very soon through our new TT platform. With our suite of automated trading tools including Autospreader®, Autotrader™ and the ADL® visual programming platform, our high-performance connections to the primary fixed income markets and our FIX and proprietary API solutions, it’s a great time to be trading fixed income products with X_TRADER and soon with the new TT.

Virtual Trading Room at DePaul University Offers Real-World Advantage

Rob Wherry, MBA student, and Michelle Golojuch, finance and accountancy major, track a stock on a Bloomberg terminal in DePaul’s Finance Lab. The virtual trading room contains the latest in high-tech trading, investing and finance software.

The statement from the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting in January had barely been made public before DePaul University finance student Arman Hodzic saw the reaction in the markets. Hodzic watched in real time as the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index and the yield on the 10-year Treasury reacted to the news.

Traders and investors were responding to the Federal Reserve’s statements on monetary policy. Prior to the announcement, Hodzic and his partners, fellow undergraduate students Alex Netzel, Dhruvish Shah and Brendan Newell, used Trading Technologies ADL® (Algo Design Lab) to create an algorithm that would take long positions on the market and hopefully earn them virtual profits.

Hodzic and his team used specially engineered keyboard terminals created by Bloomberg L.P. to access real-time market data to see the pendulum-swinging Treasury yields and the S&P in vivid charts, graphs and numbers.

They waited patiently, watching the “iceberg” algorithm they created execute automatic trading actions. At the end of their trading they had a simulated $33,000 profit.

“The market was acting really wildly and we profited off that,” says Hodzic. He was one of about 40 students enrolled in a “Money and Banking” course who participated in the simulated trading event at DePaul on Jan. 28. They experienced firsthand how announcements by the FOMC, a Federal Reserve committee charged with setting monetary policy, can precipitate a flurry of investment and trading activity.

#PreviewTT: Come and Get It

The new TT platform allows users to replicate the X_TRADER experience,
but with more accessibility, flexibility and power than ever before.

Today marks a momentous achievement for both us and our customers. After revealing one year ago that we were building a brand new trading platform, today we’re announcing that the platform, which we’re calling simply TT, is now available to everyone, worldwide.

This marks only the second time in our 21-year history that we’ve embarked on an initiative of this magnitude. Our original trading platform, X_TRADER®, was introduced in 1994 and has been our flagship—and only—offering ever since. X_TRADER has been time-tested and lauded with awards for more than two decades, and it still remains one of the most-used systems for professional derivatives traders worldwide.

But technology and market needs have changed, driving us to rethink how we build and deliver software to our customers. Businesses across nearly every industry are embracing the software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model. While the professional financial services industry has been slower than most to do so, we believe that time has come.

We built TT upon a SaaS framework, empowering us and our distribution partners to do things never before possible with other platforms. Thanks to this approach, the new TT platform requires no client-side software. FCMs can permission new traders in minutes through web-based tools, from anywhere on any device. And our users can begin trading in just minutes after creating a TT account and logging in.