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Leading-edge solutions from the TT Connected Partner Program

TT Connected Partner Products provide innovative, seamlessly connected components that enrich the TT experience at various stages of the trade lifecycle, including User Administration, Strategy Development, Order Management, Trade Execution and Risk Management. 

The TT Connected Partner Program aids third-party software developers wishing to produce commercial applications integrated with TT's high-performance trading platform. TT's APIs provide powerful, broker-neutral, normalized exchange and back-office interfaces that enable partners to quickly respond to the rapidly changing demands of today’s trading environment.

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TT Connected Partners work closely with TT to connect their software to TT's trading platform via  the X_TRADER® API, TT API or Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol. The TT Connected Partner designation means the partner product has passed conformance testing conducted by TT and has been deployed in production with TT end users.

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The companies listed below are members of the TT Connected Partner Program.

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Allegro Risk Management

Allegro is a leading provider of energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software solutions. The Allegro 8 platform seamlessly integrates with the Trading Technologies platform to provide real-time exchange connectivity for improved market decision making and increased competitive advantage.

For more than 25 years, Allegro has delivered leading energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software solutions for power and gas utilities, refiners, producers, traders and commodity consumers. Allegro's Exchange Connect component provides an interface to Trading Technologies that enables automated connectivity to the world's largest derivatives exchanges. Allegro 8 users gain visibility into real-time market data and have the ability to execute and transfer transactions on a variety of commodity futures exchanges. With a single integrated platform, traders have the ability to identify and develop optimal strategies for enhanced process efficiency and company profitability.

ATEO Risk Management

ATEO develops software dedicated to derivatives markets. Ateo’s order management system is connected to Trading Technologies, providing a Straight Through Processing (STP) solution that feeds into the trade matching system and the risk system with matching and clearing functionality.

TEO Derivatives is an electronic order-management system that provides an STP solution and replaces the manual entry of paper tickets into the trade matching system. Connected to Trading Technologies, once the account has been added to the trade it is automatically sent to internal systems for matching, customer confirmations, and risk-management.

Risk Collector is a central database connected to exchanges or trading systems that captures all events linked to trades. Risk Collector acts as a central repository for real-time risk management. Data is collected using the most advanced links to various exchange back-office technologies.

Deltix Strategy Development

Deltix provides solutions for professional "quants", traders and IT professionals. Their platform encompasses all stages in creating, testing, optimizing and deploying alpha generation strategies. It includes a time-series data warehouse, a complex event processing (CEP)-enabled strategy creation, backtesting and an optimization framework. There is full integration with X_TRADER®.

The Deltix Product Suite provides a high-performance timeseries data warehouse, a CEP engine and a strategy modeling environment with backtesting and optimization, all within one platform. Users may create alpha generation models and define advanced execution simulation models. When used with X_TRADER, users can rapidly define, test, optimize and move their advanced trading strategies to production.

DMAXX Risk Management

DMAXX, LLC has been providing software to the futures industry since 1994. Their flagship product, TheBooks®, is a comprehensive, scalable application that provides Straight Through Processing (STP) for alternative investment advisors with managed accounts.

FIX drop provides automatic trade capture into TheBooks, streamlining block trade allocation, counter-party trade reporting and performance reporting, greatly simplifying the operational requirements for advisors with managed accounts. In addition to post-trade processing, TheBooks includes performance accounting, trade reconciliation, and management and incentive fee calculations. Multi-strategy advisors also can benefit from performance and position attribution by trading strategy. By taking advantage of FIX drop copy integration with TT, advisors with managed accounts can realize all the benefits that STP can deliver.

GlobalRisk Risk Management

GlobalRisk offers option analytic and risk management software for individual traders, brokers, FCMs and hedge funds. TT product integration provides highly robust real-time analytic capabilities.

Global Risk's flagship product, FirmRisk, can now quickly and easily be incorporated into a Trading Technologies trading environment. This integration means risk administrators will be able to track positions, P&L and volatility across all accounts and across equity and futures asset classes. Because the FirmRisk platform now can be configured to connect to the TT FIX Adapter, users will benefit from Straight ThroughP rocessing (STP) of fill information from their X_TRADER® platform to an extremely flexible risk analysis platform in real time.

Imagine Risk Management

Imagine Software is a leading provider of real-time investment management solutions worldwide. Its flagship product, the Imagine Trading System, is a cross-asset trading, portfolio and risk management solution available as an enterprise application or as an on-demand, ASP-based platform.

Imagine's flagship product, the Imagine Trading System, is a cross-asset trading, portfolio and risk management solution available as an enterprise application or as an on-demand, ASP-based platform at Developed for alternative investment companies of all sizes, combines proven enterprise functionality with comprehensive data management and automates key business processing services. Imagine Software serves thousands of users worldwide, ranging from major brokerage firms and banking institutions to hedge funds employing all major asset classes across any trading strategy. Imagine Software is 100% owned by its four managing directors.

Inforalgo Trade Execution

Inforalgo is a leading provider of pre- and post-trade integration services to the financial services community. Inforalgo's comprehensive suite of interfaces can connect you to Bloomberg, trading venues, internal systems, regulators and back-office vendors.

The Inforalgo interface, TTi, enables clients to automatically receive Trading Technologies post-trade executions in real time into their Bloomberg TOMS system. Utilizing a suite of pre-configured adaptors and mapping layers, TTi enables clients to achieve Straight Through Processing (STP) via a choice of implementations for futures and options trades.

Inforalgo takes care of the complexities of exchange code format differences between Trading Technologies and Bloomberg by providing a pre-configured mapping layer for translation. Inforalgo also provides client configuration mappings to ensure executed trades are sent to Bloomberg in the correct format, reducing potential exceptions. Inforalgo offers a choice of implementation: in-house or via the Inforalgo Managed Service.

Keyboard Trader
Keyboard Trader Trade Execution

Keyboard Trader is a keyboard-based execution system for traders looking to improve speeds and automation, while maintaining human discretion. Use single keys to trade spreads or shift positions for many contracts simultaneously using sophisticated algorithms. Risk management components included.

The keyboard interface maximizes the use of your fingers, supporting an active trading style and freeing you to concentrate on market data. Improve your timing edge and capture opportunities before they disappear. Press single keys to trade multiple contract markets simultaneously. Build baskets/spreads and then quickly activate/deactivate legs on-the-fly. Learn to make complex shifts for many positions simultaneously using “target trading” methods. While built to be friendly and intuitive for manual traders, Keyboard Trader is also a great package for algorithmic traders

Nirvana Solutions
Nirvana Solutions Risk Management

Nirvana Solutions is a New York-based financial technology company that provides real-time portfolio management solutions to hedge funds, CTAs/CPOs, prime brokers and fund administrators.

Fund managers need a centralized system where they can aggregate and streamline their operations and monitor risk in real time across a multiple SMA environment. Nirvana’s product suite includes order management, portfolio management and accounting, risk alerting and analytics, and reporting. Nirvana offers state-of-the-art technology and premium customer support.

Progress Apama
Progress Apama Strategy Development

Progress Software products and technologies are used at over 60,000 organizations in 140 countries including 90% of the Fortune 500. The Progress® Apama® Algorithmic Trading Platform provides a sophisticated, easy-to-use environment that enables traders to rapidly design and implement their own proprietary trading scenarios. With Apama, both business users and IT professionals can exploit the power of complex event processing (CEP) to deliver superior trading functionality.

Progress Apama is a leading platform for building high frequency trading applications for the capital markets. The Apama platform offers flexible, powerful CEP capabilities and broad market connectivity. Apama also gives firms the tools to create, test and deploy unique strategies for low-latency, high-throughput applications including algorithmic trading, market aggregation, smart order routing, real-time pricing, market surveillance and monitoring, commodities/energy trading and real-time risk management.

Quantica Trading
Quantica Trading Trade Execution

Cloud Trader is Quantica Trading’s flagship multi-asset, broker agnostic automation solution. It enables rapid C# development, integrated testing and seamless global deployment of algorithmic strategies through multiple brokers at any number of venues via TT's FIX Adapter. 

Founded in 2008, Quantica Trading specializes in the development of automated trading technology for global financial firms, including hedge funds, brokers, banks, exchanges and professional traders. Its technology streamlines the development and implementation of sophisticated algorithmic strategies.

Quantitative Brokers
Quantitative Brokers Strategy Development

Quantitative Brokers (QB) is a brokerage firm specializing in custom-built execution algorithms for the interest rates market. The QB algo engine is fully integrated with TT’s FIX API for high-performance submission of orders to the market using any QB's proprietary execution algorithms, which include bolt™, strobe™, the roll™ and legger™.

Quantitative Brokers is an independent, agency-only broker offering an algorithmic trading platform designed to minimize market impact of outright, spread and multi-leg inter-commodity futures transactions. Co-founded in 2008 by Robert Almgren and Christian Hauff, QB is an industry-leader in providing innovative quantitative research, analysis of best execution algorithms, and transactional cost measurement.

Real-Time Global
RTG Risk Management

Headquartered in Germany, RTG develops unique software and customized trading solutions for institutional futures traders. RTG Systems enables traders, firms, brokers and hedge funds to implement and create individual strategies. RTG provides algorithmic trading, customized risk management software, real-time alerts, pre-trade analysis, backtesting, reports, charting and more.

Auto Risk V.1 is a trading tool that works with X_TRADER® Pro, TT`s premium trading software. Auto Risk V.1 is used to monitor the preset daily risk limit and daily target. Once the trader achieves the preset daily limit or daily target, they will be locked out from further trading and unable to enter into new positions. At this point, all open positions and order entries will automatically be closed at market by Auto Risk V.1.

Scaled Dynamics Trade Execution

Gatekeeper is an automated trading and risk management front end for options and futures that enables traders to take control of automated strategies. Gatekeeeper allows you to build your own exchange connectivity and adapters to Gatekeeper. 

Founded in 2010 by Justin Braun, Scaled Dynamics is a software provider and implementation specialist focused on delivering technology-based solutions that empower the trader. Scaled Dynamics offers a suite of high performance trade execution and risk management tools, as well as application development services.

SmartQuant Strategy Development

SmartQuant's QuantDesk platform includes OpenQuant IDE, which enables trading strategy research, development and simulation, QuantTrader, a production deployment engine for automated trading strategies developed with OpenQuant, QuantRouter  for feed replication, consolidation, aggregation, transformation and smart order routing, and QuantBase for real-time feed capture and centralized data management. 

Founded in 2003, SmartQuant Ltd develops end-to-end algo trading solutions for quantitative hedge funds and institutional trading groups. SmartQuant's mission is to provide emerging quant managers with an industrial strength strategy development, back testing, optimization and automation platform.

Streambase Strategy Development

The StreamBase Event Processing Platform is high-performance software for rapidly building systems that analyze and act on real-time streaming data. The TT integration enables customers to build and modify algorithms that automate trading decisions and executions.

The StreamBase integration with TT enables customers to enjoy the benefits of TT connectivity while adding the ability to automate all aspects of market data management, signal generation, execution algorithms/smart order routing and order state management/monitoring. The powerful StreamBase visual development environment, based on industry-standard Eclipse technology, provides for rapid creation and evolution of completely customizable applications, allowing customer to express their unique trading IP. StreamBase provides sample components for the key trading functionality that customers use and modify to get started enjoying the value of StreamBase quickly.

VeloxPro Strategy Development

VeloxPro BookMap is an analysis and trading application that delivers a consolidated visualization of past and present market depth. Using a configurable color scheme, BookMap records order book activity over time and displays it to the trader together with current market depth. The visualization of the evolving order book activity helps the trader analyze market dynamics and patterns as well as to assess the perpetual strength and weakness of different price levels. BookMap allows the trader to translate market analysis into trading actions with one-click trading capability directly from the BookMap chart. 

VeloXpro offers high frequency trading (HFT) related services, including an ultra-low-latency trading platform, reliable exchange simulator and extensive prediction algorithms. VeloxPro also provides customized solutions to both the sell side and buy side.

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