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TT’s products and people are frequently covered by the trade and business media. Links to some of the more significant articles are posted below. Note that some publications may require registration or a paid subscription.

Chinese Products Draw TT to Hong Kong Connection

Trading Technologies (TT) will introduce connectivity to the Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE) in order to provide its customers with access to the platform’s Chinese derivatives offerings, writes Joe Parsons. The partnership will provide TT customers access to trade HKFE’s benchmark products such as Hang Seng and H-shares derivatives along with a range of stock options and Chinese renminbi currency futures. The connection is set to go live in the second quarter of 2014.
FOW Intelligence - April 2, 2014 (subscription required)

TT Ushers in New Trading Platform for Futures Traders

Trading Technologies (TT) will introduce a new software platform for futures traders in the second half of 2014, representing its first major launch since the appointment of its new chief executive, writes Joe Parsons. TT, which supplies ultra-fast trading links to the world’s top derivatives market, will launch its new software-as-a-service platform, Nextrader, adopting features of its current X_TRADER platform but on a faster and more scalable architecture. The launch of its new platform, in addition to the appointment of its new CEO, Rick Lane, represents a revamped brand identity with TT also developing a new logo.
FOW Intelligence - March 12, 2014

TT Unveils Cloud-based Trading Platform, Will Sunset X_TRADER

Trading Technologies International (TT) today unveiled Nextrader, its new trading platform. Nextrader is an internet-based platform and will be offered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis. It will eventually have the same functionality as TT's flagship platform, X_TRADER, which will be sunsetted in late 2015 or 2016. Rick Lane, CEO of TT, tells Buy-Side Technology that the vendor will not make Nextrader commercially available until the second half of 2014 and that at launch, there will be some "functionality gaps,” such as allocation support and exchange connectivity. Therefore, there is a need to continue to support the X_TRADER desktop platform for the near future.
Buy-Side Technology - March 12, 2014

Get Connected: Choosing the Right Tech for Your Needs

Technology is at the heart of the modern trading business and even the most traditional point-and-click traders will require an arsenal of technology behind them. From market data to connectivity, charting to spreading, any new entrant to the prop world has myriad considerations and options when it comes to the technology rig they use to trade.
FOW - March 7, 2014

eSpeed Comes Full Circle, Rolls Ahead with TT Connectivity

Trading Technologies (TT) announced this morning the release of its connection to eSpeed’s central limit order book for treasury securities. The move not only benefits all parties, but also closes out a particularly contentious chapter in eSpeed’s history.
John Lothian News - March 4, 2014

Reversing History, Trading Technologies Goes Live with Nasdaq OMX's eSpeed

With futures traders seeking a full picture of liquidity in e-fixed income markets, Chicago-based Trading Technologies for the first time is providing a live connection to Nasdaq OMX’s eSpeed. The move will enable banks and proprietary trading firms on TT’s global trading platform to access eSpeed, one of the largest and most liquid cash markets in U.S. government benchmark securities.
Wall Street & Technology - March 4, 2014

Getting to Grips with the New World Order

Steve Stewart: As a niche front-end provider, we provide software and execution solutions for electronic trading, so I’ll deal with the front end of the trade cycle. We look at what that cycle entails. A trader will take a strategy, look to use his algorithm, and use his front-end platform or an API to push that order. So, for example, he’ll buy 100 lots at NLX, that will then go through risk checks, then down to a TT gateway, whether that’s hosted at a client’s site or within our hosted environment. Then once that’s happened, it will go down to the exchange
- March 2014

How They're Engaging the Next Generation of Financial-tech Talent

As more business students entertain the call of Silicon Valley over Wall Street, the high-tech trading world is looking for inventive ways to develop and recruit top talent. The need is magnified as algorithm-based trading strategies surge, increasing the financial industry’s demand for software developers, says Leo Murphy, university program manager at Chicago-based Trading Technologies. The software provider partners with more than 50 schools worldwide, donating its tools, training and guidance at no cost.
Chicago Tribune Blue Sky Innovation - February 26, 2014

Rick Lane Q&A: How Trading Technologies Plans to Revolutionize Trading

Rick Lane has been looking into the future for some time now. The former co-founder of Tickit Trading, which was acquired by Trading Technologies in 2010, has quickly risen from chief technology officer in April 2012 to the new CEO of TT. His Tickit software has become a key product for TT, which rebranded the technology as Algo Design Lab, a system of algos that are easily pieced together and allow traders to make new trading systems quickly and safely in a virtual Lego-like fashion. As CTO, he’s also been busy overseeing a major rebuilding of TT’s technology, which is soon to be unveiled. He now succeeds industry legend Harris Brumfield, who has run the company for the past 11 years. Brumfield will take on the role of chairman of TT.
John Lothian News - February 6, 2014

TT Appoints Rising Star Rick Lane as CEO

Trading Technologies, a key futures trading vendor, has appointed rising star Rick Lane as its chief executive, replacing the company’s majority owner Harris Brumfield who has become the firm’s chairman. Trading Technologies, which supplies ultra-fast trading links to the world’s top derivatives markets, said late on Wednesday Lane has assumed the chief executive role with immediate effect. Lane has enjoyed a meteoric rise since graduating in 2003, having worked on US defence at a consultancy, spent time as a prop trader, founded and sold his own company and worked at Google. “Rick is a leader with the unique combination of exceptional technology expertise, a keen understanding of trading, and most importantly, a genuine commitment to our people and clients,” said Brumfield. Trading Technologies, known as TT, is powerful because it lists as clients many of the world’s top futures trading and broking firms and is therefore a vital potential source of business for new exchanges and trading platforms.
FOW Intelligence - February 6, 2014

Tech Chief Replaces Brumfield as CEO of Trading Technologies

Rick Lane, chief technology officer at Trading Technologies International Inc., is taking over the top job from CEO Harris Brumfield. Mr. Lane, 33, joined Trading Technologies in 2010, when it acquired a trading-algorithm company he co-founded called TickIt Trading Systems. He worked briefly for Google Inc. in New York before returning to Trading Technologies in 2012 as chief technology officer. He takes over as CEO of privately held Trading Technologies, which provides software for proprietary traders, as the company marks its 20th anniversary later this year.
Crain's Chicago Business - February 6, 2014

Trading Technologies Names Rick Lane CEO

Rick Lane is the new chief executive officer of Trading Technologies, the private global trading software provider, the firm announced late Thursday. He replaces Harris Brumfield, TT’s majority owner who served as CEO for the past 11 years, who will stay on as chairman. Lane said he and Brumfield discussed the transition in “varying levels of seriousness” over the past few months, but the process began in earnest within the past few weeks. “The big first act is to really transform the way we run our business and build and deploy our software,” Lane said.
Chicago Tribune Blue Sky Innovation - February 5, 2014

New CEO Lane Promises Major Changes at Trading Technologies

Rick Lane left his job as principal architect at Trading Technologies (TT) for Google in 2011. Yesterday, a little more than two years later, he was put in charge of the Chicago-based software vendor, which counts 19 of the world’s top 20 futures brokers among its customers.
Sell-Side Technology - February 6, 2014

Getting to Grips with the New World Order for Derivatives

Snapshot interviews with InfoNet guest speakers and panellists including Steve Stewart, Managing Director, Trading Technologies.
infoNet@FOA - January 2014

Trading Places

In 1994, around the time the futures exchanges were moving from floor trading to electronic, computer-based trading, Trading Technologies launched the original version of their flagship product, X_TRADER®, the year they were founded, and they’ve grown up alongside electronic trading. Today their customers include 19 of the top 20 futures brokers plus many global banks, proprietary traders, futures commission merchants (FCMs), money managers, commodity trading advisors (CTAs), hedge funds and commercial hedgers. They have a total of 12 offices around the world with staff in North and South America, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. In this interview, Leo Murphy, the company’s university relations program manager (pictured), as well as a teacher of economics at Benedictine University and Lewis University, discusses bringing the marketplace into the classroom and what that means for teaching, learning and students.
EdTech Digest - January 29, 2014 

Trading Technologies University Milestone

The milestone that Trading Technologies hit in the university software sharing program is impressive. They have now given software to 50 universities for their students to use, including my alma mater Purdue University. Our arch-rival Indiana University also is part of the program, as is the University of Illinois where my former Boy Scout Senior Patrol Leader is studying computer science and working on a trading related research project for a professor for whom he has no classes.
John Lothian Newsletter - January 29, 2014 

Program Aims to Educate Students on Trading and Risk Management

Colleges and universities have a new way to prepare students for jobs in the capital markets. Trading Technologies International (TT), developer of X-Trader software, offers a program -- called University Program -- in which it donates its X-Trader software and APIs to institutions for use in their business, financial engineering, math and computer science programs. Students use the tools, in their coursework and in on-campus trading labs, to gain practical experience with trading and risk management. Guest lecturers from TT visit participating campuses to deliver presentations to students.
Campus Technology - January 28, 2014

FCMs: A Changing Landscape

The Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) industry has been in flux over the past few years, impacted by the financial crisis as well as the frauds and subsequent bankruptcies of MF Global and Peregrine Financial, while the CTA space has had an equally challenging time, with many managed futures shops big and small struggling since the peaks of 2008.
CTA Intelligence - January 25, 2014

Financial Firms Seek Startup Solutions to Trade Better, Faster

Technology has already transformed financial trading, and emerging companies are still at work making options trading faster and more accessible than ever. With rising regulatory burdens, new technologies might make it safer to trade, too.
Chicago Tribune - January 9, 2014

Trading Risk Escalates

An emphasis on safety in addition to speed will characterize 2014, especially as the markets are evolving and systems are becoming more sophisticated and interrelated.“With the continued increase in automated and high-frequency trading, people are increasingly aware of every mishap and the potential risks,” said Rick Lane, chief technology officer at Trading Technologies. “What we are seeing from our customer base, and this is probably industry wide, is a focus on innovation that ensures that when they decide to participate in the markets it will be in as safe a manner as possible.”
Markets Media
- January 8, 2014

License to Kill: The Complexity of Circuit Breakers

As regulators collaborate to review different concepts to protect the integrity of the US financial markets and reduce potential technology failures, Marina Daras looks at the technical challenges of implementing circuit breakers for brokers and exchanges.
Waters - January 8, 2014

NLX and TT Connection Goes Live

Nasdaq OMX NLX has cut a deal with software firm Trading Technologies (TT) as part of the new exchange’s push to challenge the European derivatives status quo.
The link between NLX and TT comes off the back of news reported first by FOW that the new exchange hit highs in volume and open interest in the last week of November, suggesting the European derivatives market is becoming more competitive.
FOW Intelligence - December 19, 2013

TT Goes Live on NLX and Nasdaq OMX Nordic

Trading Technologies (TT) ends the year with another link to exchange gateways, as it announces connections to two Nasdaq derivatives hubs: London-based NLX, and Nasdaq OMX Nordic. The NLX connection gives access to both short-term and long-term interest-rate futures products denominated in euro and sterling, and cleared through LCH.Clearnet. The Nordic platform allows TT's customers to trade Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian equity and index futures and options. Both are available through TT's Nasdaq OMX EU Gateway.
Sell-Side Technology - December 19, 2013 (subscription required)

Incentives Boost Growth at Nasdaq OMX’s New London Venue

The new London derivatives trading venue of Nasdaq OMX has dramatically increased its trading volumes in recent weeks, helped by an incentive scheme that pays participants up to $1.5m for market share.
Financial Times - December 11, 2013

Exchanges Could Benefit from an Operation Waking Shark

Simulated cyber attacks on financial institutions took place in London this month under the code name Operation Waking Shark II, a testing process which could benefit global stock exchanges writes Jonathan Watkins.
FOW Intelligence - November 27, 2013

TT to Connect to LSE’s Derivatives Market

Trading Technologies (TT) will introduce connectivity to London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) Derivatives Market in early 2014. The new link will enable TT clients to have the option to view and trade products across all LSEG Derivatives Markets from a single gateway.
FOW Intelligence - November 19, 2013 (subscription required)

Guarding the Left Hash with Trading Technologies

Product manager Patrick Rooney talks with BTFDtv about X_TRADER and demonstrates the new features in X_TRADER 7.17.
BTFDtv - November 13, 2013

TT Aggressively Pushes New Growth with Key Deals

Trading Technologies International has announced three new initiatives during the FIA Expo, as it attempts to expand its reach into new markets. The software vendor says it will be introducing connectivity to the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) Derivatives Market in early 2014.
Profit & Loss - November 11, 2013 (subscription required)

Options Insider Radio: Trading Technologies

In this episode Mark is joined by Rick Lane and Brian Haag from Trading Technologies.
Options Insider Radio - November 11, 2013

Trading Technologies and Ullink Integrate OMS/EMS Solutions

Trading Technologies and Ullink, providers of connectivity and trading solutions, have partnered to integrate Ullink's order management system (OMS) with TT's execution management system (EMS) software and application programming interface (API) solutions. The result will allow clients to leverage Ullink's suite of order management functionality, including UL BRIDGE and UL TRADER, with TT's X_TRADER, FIX Adapter API, TT API and X_TRADER API without requiring customized development.
Automated Trader - November 7, 2013

Expo Today LIVE!

Jeff Mezger of Trading Technologies was interviewed during the Futures Industry Association 29th Annual Futures and Options Expo in Chicago. This video is part of the 2013 Expo Today LIVE! series.
Expo Today LIVE! - November 6, 2013

TT Connects to Nasdaq OMX eSpeed

Trading Technologies (TT), a global provider of trading software based in New York City, has announced connectivity to eSpeed, an electronic trading platform for benchmark U.S. Treasuries, recently acquired by Nasdaq OMX, by the first quarter of 2014. TT customers will be able to enter and manage trades on eSpeed.
Wall Street & Technology - November 6, 2013

Trading Technologies Ends eSpeed Dispute

Trading Technologies, the world’s largest technology provider for futures trading, is to connect its customers to eSpeed, the US electronic bond trading platform, in a move that brings an end a decade-long dispute between the two parties. The deal, announced on Wednesday, comes only four months after eSpeed was bought by Nasdaq OMX from BGC Partners, the interdealer broker.
Financial Times - November 6, 2013

TT to Connect to eSpeed Ending Decade-long Battle

Trading software company, Trading Technologies, has struck a deal with Nasdaq OMX to connect to the exchange’s eSpeed electronic fixed income platform. The eSpeed platform operates a fully executable central limit order book for electronic trading in benchmark US Treasuries. TT is set to introduce the connectivity to eSpeed in the first quarter of 2014.
FOW Intelligence - November 6, 2013

TT Connects to NASDAQ OMX eSpeed

By providing connectivity to the eSpeed platform, TT will give its clients a consolidated point of access for the majority of fixed-income markets, improving price discovery and providing deeper liquidity. 
Sell-SideTechnology - November 6, 2013

Trading Technologies Announces LSEG, Borsa Italiana Links

The provider will introduce connectivity to the London Stock Exchange Group's Derivatives Market in early 2014, which will also provide clients a single gateway into IDEM, the derivatives venue for Borsa Italiana, as well as Norway's Oslo Børs. The new links will be available across TT's multiple products, including its recently-unveiled MultiBroker offering, in support of clients' pan-European strategies. Once live, the connections will extend TT's exposure to 42 different markets and trading platforms.
Sell-Side Technology - November 6, 2013

Trading Technologies to Connect to LSEG Derivatives Markets

Trading Technologies is to introduce connectivity to London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) Derivatives Market in early 2014. With the new link, TT clients will have the option to view and trade products across all LSEG Derivatives Markets from a single gateway: IDEM, the derivatives market of Borsa Italiana, provides access to Italian index and single stock futures and options, as well as energy and agricultural derivatives. London Stock Exchange Derivatives Market provides access to UK, Russian DRs, index and single stock futures and options. This market also provides for a linked order book with Oslo Børs.
Automated Trader - November 6, 2013

TT Connects to NASDAQ OMX's Nordic Derivatives Market

Trading Technologies (TT) is planning to introduce connectivity to Nasdaq OMX's financial derivatives market in Stockholm later this year. The connection will give TT clients the ability to trade complex strategies that consist of stock index futures on the Nordic markets.
FOW Intelligence - October 23, 2013

Trading Technologies Connects to NASDAQ OMX

Trading Technologies International has announced that it will introduce connectivity to NASDAQ OMX's Nordic financial derivatives market in Stockholm in the fourth quarter of 2013. NASDAQ OMX offers trading in Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian equity and index futures and options.
Automated Trader - October 23, 2013 

Innovation in the Fourth Quarter: How Companies Get It Done

Many companies talk a good game about constant innovation, but ask them what they do in the fourth quarter to manage staff burnout and blown budgets and you’ll often get blank stares. "The fourth quarter was a dead zone," Rick Lane recalls of early days in his career as a Booz Allen Hamilton consultant, where he worked in the wargaming department on simulations for the Department of Defense. "It was basically a month of vacation" spread out over a quarter when government spending slowed way down, he said. Today, as chief technology officer for Trading Technologies International Inc., he has the opposite problem. Market volume typically takes off in the fourth quarter, so energy is often focused on immediate customer service issues rather than big-think projects.
Chicago Tribune - October 21, 2013

Why the Arcane Business of Swaps is Good for Chicago

The $630 trillion swaps market is beginning to flow into Chicago, bringing with it hundreds of millions of dollars in trading activity and the jobs to support it. The new business is expected to push revenue up 6 percent by 2015 at Chicago-based exchange operator CME Group Inc. and offer new revenue for other exchanges, too. It has the potential to create several hundred jobs, including nearly 100 already being added at the National Futures Association, an industry regulator based in Chicago.
Crain's Chicago Business - October 7, 2013

Trading Technologies to Update Cloud Infrastructure

Trading Technologies is optimizing its cloud infrastructure to store historical, audit, and order data going into 2014, according to Steve Decker, group product manager of sell-side technology. The service is currently going through internal testing, he said.
Wall Street Letter - September 24, 2013

TT Offers Solution for Broker Solvency Risk

When market disruptions occur there is a type of forensic accounting that happens to try and determine what happened and lists of recommendations for best practices are created to try and prevent another such event from repeating itself. This Monday morning quarterbacking happens throughout the industry affected and also includes regulatory changes.
Dan Collins Report - August 1, 2013

TT Expands with Buy-Side MultiBroker Upgrade

Trading Technologies’ (TT) has claimed the launch of its new MultiBroker trading software represents the single biggest enhancement ever made to its platform, writes Jonathan Watkins. The derivatives trading technology firm told FOWi it launched MultiBroker due to sustained demand from both the buy- and sell-side over a number of years.
FOW Intelligence
- July 16, 2013 (subscription required)

Trading Technologies Launches Multi-Broker Product

Derivatives traders, investors and order handlers have a new product that’s meant to provide a seamless user experience across the buy side and sell side. Chicago-based Trading Technologies’s MultiBroker brings buy-side market participants something they’d demanded for years: the ability to route orders to multiple liquidity providers on a single screen while preserving performance, consistency, and ultra-low latency, TT executives said.
Markets Media - July 12, 2013

TT Buy-Side Solution MultiBroker Goes Live

Trading Technologies (TT) has launched its MultiBroker trading solution for buy-side derivatives trading, after extensive beta testing. MultiBroker gives buy-side traders direct market access through multiple brokers via a single X-Trader Pro or API connection to the company's TTNET hosting solution.
The Trade - July 12, 2013

TT Unveils MultiBroker Platform

Trading Technologies has launched MultiBroker, the Chicago-based vendor's trading solution that allows buy-side firms to gain direct market access (DMA) via multiple brokers from a single X_Trader Pro or application programming interface (API) connection to TTNET.
Buy-Side Technology - July 10, 2013 (subscription required)

Trading Technologies Launches Multi-Broker Derivatives Trading Platform

On the heels of completing a six-month beta program, Chicago-based Trading Technologies International (TT) said its new multi-broker derivatives trading platform is publicly available today.
Wall Street & Technology - July 10, 2013

Trading Technologies Rolls Out Europe Services

Trading Technologies, a U.S. trading software provider, is set to make further incursions into European trading after concluding two deals this week. The Chicago-based group said on Tuesday it had become the first independent company to meet the standards for connection to CME Europe, the upcoming new London-based derivatives exchange. At the same time Goldman Sachs, the U.S. investment bank, is to offer its customers Trading Technologies’ tools in Europe and Asia in coming months.
Financial Times - June 26, 2013 

Goldman to Offer TT Hosting to Futures Clients

Goldman Sachs has added TTNET, the hosting solution from Chicago-based Trading Technologies (TT), to its suite of futures trading systems offered to the firm's institutional clients.
Sell-Side Technology - June 25, 2013

TT Connects to MexDer via Globex

Trading Technologies International and the Mexican Derivatives Exchange announced in April that TT has linked its X_Trader derivatives trading platform to MexDer via the CME Group’s Globex platform. TT joins several other vendors, including Patsystems, RTS Realtime Systems and CQG, that provide connectivity to the exchange. “TT’s link to MexDer through CME Globex will open new business opportunities from north to south and worldwide routing,” said Jorge Alegria, MexDer’s chief executive officer. 
Futures Industry - June 20, 2013

Swap Futures Market Ramps up Ahead of Clearing Mandate

Eris Exchange, a start-up US derivatives operator backed by some of the futures industry’s biggest traders, is to offer trading via one of the world’s largest trading software companies ahead of new clearing mandate for investors that kicks in next week. The exchange will connect its hybrid interest rate swap futures products to Trading Technologies’ popular X_TRADER software platform, the companies announced on Tuesday.
Financial Times - June 4, 2013

Traders Seek Greater Diversity Across Asset Classes

Traders are seeking to diversify the asset classes, and are directing order flow toward the derivatives markets. “End users are looking to diversify into all markets and see where they have more opportunity to generate alpha, and the derivatives markets offer such opportunities,” said Tim Geannopulos, executive vice president at Trading Technologies International (TT), a provider of derivatives trading software.
Markets Media - May 23, 2013

MarketDelta Licenses Trading Technologies' Patent Portfolio

MarketDelta Trader and Trading Technologies have entered into a licensing agreement under which MarketDelta will license TT's entire patent portfolio, which includes more than 400 patents for electronic trading in financial markets. MarketDelta can now build the TT intellectual property into its product lineup.
Automated Trader - May 21, 2013

Nasdaq eyes European derivatives push

Nasdaq OMX is to connect its new European derivatives platform with one of the world’s largest trading software companies, raising the US exchange’s ability to pose serious competition to dominant players NYSE Liffe and Deutsche Börse’s Eurex. Trading Technologies will connect its popular X_Trader software platform to NLX, Nasdaq’s new London venue for trading European fixed income derivatives, the companies announced on Wednesday.
Financial Times - May 15, 2013

Trading Technologies Connects to Nasdaq OMX's NLX

The new link to Nasdaq's London-based derivatives market will allow TT's clients to trade in short- and long-term interest rate futures products denominated in either sterling or euro. Those instruments will all clear through LCH.Clearnet, providing initial margin efficiencies, and will be available through the full suite of TT's X-trader products, including its MultiBroker ASP solution currently in beta testing. The move is the latest in a string of implemented and newly-announced global futures connections for TT, including MexDer, Eris Exchange, and GovEx, which will together bring its total to 36 later this year.
Buy-Side Technology - May 15, 2013 (subscription required)

TT Connects to London's New NLX Platform

Trading Technologies (TT) will be connecting its X_TRADER platform to Nasdaq OMX’s new London- based derivatives venue, NLX writes Jonathan Watkins. The trading platform could be set for a Q2 launch, subject to regulatory approval, listing European short­term interest rate (STIRs) and long­term interest rate (LTIRs) products initially. Through the link­up market participants will be able to manage trades on NLX using TT’s products, including its visual programming platform, Algo Design Lab (ADL) and its MultiBroker ASP software. Participants will also be able to host gateways internally or outsource connectivity to TT’s managed hosting technology, TTNET.
FOi - May 15, 2013 (subscription required)

TT Targets Market Participation Increase

Trading Technologies (TT) has changed its pricing plan for the X_TRADER platform, a strategy which it claims is in line with increasing participation in the derivatives market writes Jonathan Watkins. With regulatory uncertainty, squeezed volumes and relatively low confidence still present in the market, technology has become an essential component in gaining a competitive edge. The same challenges however, are subsequently reducing the amount in which market participants can afford to invest in technology.
FOi - May 14, 2013 (subscription required)

Trading Technologies Expands X_TRADER Functionality

Trading Technologies has announced that, in addition to adjusting its price bands, its X_TRADER Product will be updated with new functionality previously only available in the enhanced edition of the software.
Sell-Side Technology - May 9, 2013

Crain's Eureka Index Ranks Chicago's Most Innovative Firms

In an industry where billions of dollars can be made or lost in the blink of an eye, companies that aren't constantly innovating risk being left behind.Trading Technologies International Inc., which helped fuel the onset of the algorithm-based trading that made financial markets move faster, ranked 18th on the Eureka Index, a measure of patent quality prepared exclusively for Crain's by Chicago merchant bank Ocean Tomo LLC.
Crain's Chicago Business - April 29, 2013

Trading Technologies, MexDer Link Via CME's Globex

Trading Technologies' X_TRADER has linked with MexDer, a leading venue for Mexican benchmark derivatives, as activity in the Central American market steadily ramps up.
Sell-Side Technology - April 15, 2013 

Trading Technologies to Provide Connectivity to MexDer

Trading Technologies and The Mexican Derivatives Exchange have announced that TT has linked its X_TRADER derivatives trading platform to MexDer, the marketplace for trading derivatives on Mexican benchmarks, via the CME Group's Globex platform. TT's connection launched concurrently with CME's iLink enhancements for MexDer via Globex, which were released on April 14.
Automated Trader
- April 15, 2013

Trading Technologies Links to GovEx

Trading Technologies (TT) says it will connect with GovEx, a flexible execution platform for US Treasuries and part of State Street's eExchange offering, in the first half of this year.
Buy-Side Technology - March 13, 2013 

The Buy Side's Elusive Hunt for Alpha

In the search alpha, the buy side is crunching its own transaction data, automating its algorithmic trading decisions and building analytics to search unstructured data.
Advanced Trading - March 11, 2013

Best New Product

Trading Technologies, a global provider of derivatives-trading software, made a blockbuster upgrade to its X_TRADER trading platform in 2012. The centerpiece of X_TRADER version 7.11 is ADL (Algo Design Lab), a visual programming platform that allows traders and programmers to design, test and deploy custom automated trading programs without writing a single line of code.
Markets Media - February 28, 2012

The Next Round of Competition

Sometimes it is the small innovation or service that changes an industry. Trading Technologies (TT) announced last week the launch of a new trading function that allows TT customers to choose which brokers they will route their orders through on its X_TRADER platform. In other words, if you want to trade 100 crude oil futures, you can route 10 contracts through one broker, 50 to another and 30 to another and 10 to another, all from one trading screen.
John Lothian Newsletter - February 4, 2013 

Interview with Rick Lane

Rick Lane rejoined TT earlier this year as EVP and chief technology officer, having spent some time at Google, where he worked as a product manager on the company’s display ad serving technology. He originally joined TT in June 2010 when the vendor acquired TickIt Trading Systems, a company he co-founded. It was at TickIt that Lane was the principal architect of ADL™ (Algo Design Lab), the visual programming platform now fully integrated into TT’s flagship product, X_TRADER®.
InfoNet@FOA - Issue 1, 2013 

TT Fills Top Buy-Side Need with Multibroker Solution

For five years, Chicago-based derivatives software vendor Trading Technologies (TT), attempted to adapt its X_Trader derivatives trading platform to incorporate multiple brokers, without success. The technology proved too complicated. Not long ago it achieved a breakthrough, and yesterday announced the beta launch of its MultiBroker ASP solution.
Buy-Side Technology - January 30, 2013

Trading Technologies Launches MultiBroker Solution

The company said its new solution meant traders could transition between brokers when routing orders directly to major futures exchanges.
Automated Trader - January 30, 2013

Trading Technologies Overhauls System

Trading Technologies is overhauling its platform as it attempts to transition its system to a cloud-based infrastructure, according to Rick Lane, chief technology officer.
Wall Street Letter - January 17, 2013 (subscription required)

Singapore Broker Expands in Chicago

Phillip Capital, one of Singapore’s largest brokers, is to deepen its ties with the Chicago derivatives markets by offering high-speed trading for its U.S. customers.
Financial Times -  January 14, 2013

Trading Technologies and Phillip Capital Expand Relationship Into U.S.

Phillip Futures, a Chicago-based futures clearing entity of Singapore's Phillip Capital, and Chicago-based derivatives solutions vendor Trading Technologies (TT) have begun offering TT's high-speed derivatives execution solutions to Phillip Futures' customers in the US.
Sell-Side Technology - January 14, 2013

Best Buy-Side Commodities Trading Platform/Service: Trading Technologies

It is testament to X_TRADER’s breadth that the multi-asset platform has captured this category four years running. The buy side can rely on X_TRADER, Chicago-based Trading Technologies’ flagship offering, for synthetic spreading, charting, and analytics—all critical for trading and market-making in commodities.
Waters Technology - December 2012

Rick Lane of Trading Technologies Talks Mobile Trading and Legacy Systems

Rick Lane, chief technology officer of Trading Technologies is overseeing a major overhaul of how Trading Technologies develops its solutions. In part 1 of this two-part video with JLN editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf, he talks about mobile trading trends, the legacy challenges for the futures industry and rebuilding Trading Technologies’ entire architecture — and how this will all come together. In Lane’s view, rethinking the way technology is built and delivered means finding a balance of buying existing software and combining it with new solutions, a departure from the firm that traditionally built everything in-house.
John Lothian Newsletter - November 30, 2012

ADM Investor Services Taps Trading Technologies for Derivatives Access

Chicago-headquartered ADM Investor Services has chosen Trading Technologies' (TT's) fully managed hosting service to provide its institutional investors with access to the global derivatives markets.
Buy-Side Technology - November 6, 2012

ADM Investor Services Companies Select Trading Technologies' Hosting Solution

London based ADM Investor Services International and Chicago based ADM Investor Services, together with Trading Technologies International, have announced that the ADM Investor Services companies have chosen TT's hosting solution, TTNET, to provide derivatives market access to their institutional clients.
Automated Trader - November 6, 2012

Expo Live Interview with Rick Lane

TT's CTO, Rick Lane, discusses a variety of topics, including the launch of TT's ADL visual programming tool and the new TT API, with Joanne Morrison, deputy editor of FIA's Futures Industry magazine.
Futures Industry Association - November 1, 2012 

Technology: Vendors see the upside to CFTC Regulation 1.73

The codification of sell-side controls for buy-side clients is a big opportunity for IT firms finds Dan Barnes.
FOW - October 10, 2012

Software Review: ADL/X_TRADER; Overall Rating: 4/4 Stars

In March of this year, Trading Technologies released the “Algo Design Lab,” or ADL, as part of its suite of software tools for the professional trading industry.  ADL is a Visual Programming Language and its incorporation by Trading Technologies marks a new and potentially important programming innovation for the algorithmic trading community. 
Futures Magazine - October 1, 2012 

Swaps Trading Looks to the Future

Futures exchanges and trading trading technology companies are devising new business models which blend the worlds of exchange-traded and OTC derivatives, as regulations are scheduled to take effect that will transform the world of OTC derivatives exchanges.
Markets Media - September 12, 2012

TT Creates Connectivity to Eris Exchange

Trading Technologies (TT) will begin offering a new gateway to connect its trading software to
FOW - September 5, 2012

TT Introduces New API for X_TRADER Pro

Trading Technologies (TT), a derivatives solutions provider, has announced the release of TT API, an application programming interface enabling scalable trading application on TT's larger X_TRADER Pro platform.
Buy-Side Technology - September 4, 2012

European Energy Exchange Links with TT

EEX's natural gas, emissions, and coal-based contracts can now be traded via X_TRADER through Eurex's exchange matching engine in Frankfurt.
Sell-Side Technology - July 25, 2012

Trading Technologies Rolls Out Two New Client Wins

Trading Technologies (TT) has announced that the United Overseas Bank Bullion and Futures (UOBBF) and Macquarie Bank's Futures Division will implement its technology.
Sell-Side Technology - June 27, 2012

TT Signs UOBBF and Macquarie

Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) and UOB Bullion and Futures (UOBBF) today announced that UOBBF has selected TT's low-latency, high-performance, fully managed hosting solution, TTNET, for its global exchange traded derivatives business.
Finextra - June 27, 2012

The Top 10 Quant Schools of 2012: University of Chicago

Where will the next generation of quantitative engineers come from? According to Wall Street pros, these are the elite quant programs.
Advanced Trading - May 16, 2012 

Moving Algos from Lab into Live Trading Gets Boost

Trading Technologies said it had integrated the application programming interface for its order entry software into the Matlab programming environment, where algos get developed and analyzed.
Securities Technology Monitor - April 16, 2012

Algos, Faster: MathWorks and TT Build in Direct Exchange API

Signaling a trend in HFT software development, MathWorks and Trading Technologies introduce a newly built API connection for direct access to TT's exchanges and real-time data for algo back-testing.
Sell-Side Technology - April 16, 2012 (subscription required)

MathWorks and Trading Technologies Announce Integration

Trading Technologies International, the provider of order-entry software and solutions for professional derivatives traders, and MathWorks, developer of MATLAB, a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization and numerical computation, have announced that TT's X_TRADER® API (XTAPI) is now integrated within the MATLAB environment. Through this integrated solution, financial engineers, traders and analysts who use MATLAB can now leverage TT's market connectivity and X_TRADER order-entry platform to access exchange price feeds, submit orders directly to the market and monitor working orders and positions.
Automated Trader - April 16, 2012

Rick Lane Discusses His New Role as Chief Technology Officer at Trading Technologies

Rick Lane was recently rehired by Trading Technologies as Chief Technology Officer. Lane left Trading Technologies for Google after selling TickIt Trading Systems to them in 2010. Lane talks about the differences between Trading Technologies and Google, his agenda as CTO and how ADL is doing.
John Lothian Newsletter - April 9, 2012

Algo Developer Named CTO at Trading Technologies

After a six-month spell at Google, Rick Lane has returned to Trading Technologies International, Inc. as executive vice president and chief technology officer.
Securities Technology Monitor - April 9, 2012

Rick Lane Rejoins TT from Google as Its CTO

Lane rejoins TT as its CTO, where he will oversee future enhancements geared toward analytics packages, multi­broker technologies and mobility.
Buy-Side Technology - April 2, 2012 (subscription required) 

Trading Systems Aim to Bridge Silos

Trading platforms are being upgraded to support the development and execution of algorithms, and to bridge the silos in which trading, risk management and operations teams exist.
Markets Media - March 26, 2012 (subscription required)

TT Releases "Groundbreaking" X_TRADER Enhancements

Trading Technologies has released upgrades to its TT trading platform in what it claimed is the “most substantial collection of enhancements to the TT product line in several years”.
FOW Intelligence - March 16, 2012

Write Your Own Algo. No Prior Knowledge Necessary.

TRADING TECHNOLOGIES: The provider of software for derivatives traders released a visually oriented program that allows traders (and programmers) to write trading programs without knowing a single line of code.
Securities Technology Monitor - March 15, 2012

Funds Seek Low-Latency FLEX Options

Trading Technologies has rolled out this week an expansion of its X_TRADER software that allows clients, both buy and sellside, to create algorithms in minutes that will fill customized order strategies in futures and exchange-traded options.
Derivatives Intelligence - March 15, 2012 (subscription required)

TT: With ADL, Anyone Can Build Algos

The new program, Algo Design Lab, allows traders to construct their own algorithms using a simple visual interface—no coding required.
Buy-Side Technology - March 14, 2012 (subscription required)

Trading Technologies Upgrades Trading Platform

Trading Technologies International, the provider of software and solutions for professional derivatives traders, has released an upgrade to the TT trading platform, including the X_TRADER order-entry screen and the Strategy Engine (SE) proximity-based execution servers.
Automated Trader - March 14, 2012

Trading Technologies Unveils Do-It-Yourself Algo Builder

Software provider Trading Technologies International announced the rollout of a platform it says enables traders to design, test and deploy custom-built algorithms without having to write a single line of code.
Advanced Trading - March 14, 2012

Trading Technologies Launches Custom Algo Design Lab

Trading Technologies has launched the Algo Design Lab (ADL) as a part of the latest version of its X_Trader order entry platform.
Wall Street Letter - March 14, 2012

Trading Technologies' Platform Selected by Vision Financial Markets

Trading Technologies’ X_TRADER suite of algorithmic execution products will provide a range of new services for Vision, a self-clearing futures commission merchant with presence in a number of major US exchanges.
High Frequency Traders - January 11, 2012

Tech on Tuesday: TT Opens Gateway to Japan

A global provider of derivatives trading software has launched a gateway to the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), enabling faster access to Japanese exchanges.
FOW Intelligence - December 13, 2011

TRADING PACES: Tokyo, Korea to Promote Each Other’s Stocks

The Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Korea Exchange are making moves to make it easier to find each other’s prices and, later, to place orders between the two markets. Trading Technologies connected its derivatives trading system to the Tokyo exchange. KVH made a connection from Tokyo to the Australian Securities Exchange. And Deutsche Boerse keeps trying to sate European regulators on its takeover of NYSE Euronext.
Securities Technology Monitor - December 8, 2011

Trading Technologies Opens New Gateway to Tokyo Stock Exchange

Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT), the provider of software for derivatives professionals, has announced the release of a new gateway to the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).
Automated Trader - December 8, 2011

Trading Technologies Completes Japanese Connectivity

Trading Technologies (TT) has announced the launch of a new gateway link to the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), completing its connectivity to all major Japanese derivatives markets.
Waters Technology - December 8, 2011

Code-Free Coding

Waters talks to Elise Fleischaker, vice president and head of global marketing at Trading Technologies, about the firm's X_TRADER platform, and Algo Design Lab (ADL), a new way of doing business with algorithms.
Waters Technology - December 2011

Buy-Side Technology Awards 2011: The Winners

Buy-Side Technology is pleased to announce the winners of the fifth annual Buy-Side Technology Awards. The Awards were held earlier today, November 4, at Le Méridien on Piccadilly in London. Guest of honor was former All Blacks captain, Sean Fitzpatrick, who handed out the awards.
Waters Technology - November 4, 2011

Joe LeBlanc: Taking a Rare Energy Position

Joe LeBlanc was a 25-year energy trading veteran with experience trading and hedging in both the physical and futures markets when he was cajoled by a former colleague to teach a course in energy trading at Tulane University's A. B. Freeman School of Business. The next year, he became a full-time professor and went about transforming the program and facility into something appropriate for a high-end hedge fund or institutional energy trading desk.
Futures Magazine - November 1, 2011

Technology Report: Low Latency Systems Aim to Meet HFT Demand

High frequency trading (HFT) firms, trading a large volume of contracts on a small margin, can find one small price movement potentially bank-breaking. That makes the choice of technology, which turns a firm’s orders into fills, crucial. But in a crowded marketplace, how do you decide what is right for you? Dan Barnes, looks at the options.
FOW - October 2011

Back to School

When electronic trading was in its infancy, exchanges held simulations for members and clerks to practice trading various markets on a computer screen. These sessions often broke down into sophomoric attempts to amass the largest gains or losses by throwing around unrealistic positions sizes.
Futures Magazine - September 1, 2011

Link Investimentos Takes TTNET

Brazilian commodities trading firm Link Investimentos has selected to deploy a hosted trading platform from Trading Technologies International (TT) to connect its internal desks and institutional clients to trading on the BMF&Bovespa exchange.
Waters Technology - August 25, 2011

Covering All the Bases

Trading Technologies' ADL (Algo Design Lab), a new tool integrated within the firm's X_TRADER order-entry platform, may be poised to create a paradigm shift with its approach to trading model development.
Automated Trader - Q3 2011

In a Bill, Wall Street Shows Clout

Wall Street often tries to play down its influence in Washington. As Congress pushed through financial regulations that seemed to get watered down last year, Wall Street’s chief executives tried to suggest, somewhat surprisingly, that their highly paid lobbyists did not have much sway.
New York Times - July 4, 2011

Patent (Regulation) Pending

I'm tired of partisan politics. I would say, "like most Americans", but to be honest, I have my doubts as to how much supporters from either side of the political fence really want their representatives to reach across the aisle.
Waters Technology - June 24, 2011

RCG Sanctioned in Patent Case

While it may seem that court battles over Trading Technologies’ "static ladder" and related patents that once threatened to disrupt futures markets’ cost structure are old news, there are still cases being disputed. In one, Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG) was levied a fine by a Chicago federal judge for misconduct in a patent infringement case with TT. Additionally, the judge ruled in favor of TT and ordered RCG to pay litigation costs of the case.
Futures - April 2011

Trading Technologies Further Links Derivatives Customers

Trading Technologies has launched a new connection to the Osaka Securities Exchange in Japan through its X_TRADER derivatives trading platform.
Datacenter Dynamics FOCUS - March 28, 2011

Trading Technologies Eyes Simplified Algo Development

Multi-asset-class trading platform provider Trading Technologies International (TT) expects to begin beta-testing a new drag-and-drop trading algorithm development environment for its X_TRADER platform later this month, vendor officials tell Sell-Side Technology.
Sell-Side Technology - March 22, 2011 (subscription required)

New Data Center Designed for Trading

A new data center has opened in Sydney, designed for low latency trading and proximity hosting with links to key financial hubs around the world.
Datacenter Dynamics FOCUS - March 18, 2011

Sydney Date Centre for Trading Technologies

Trading Technologies International has opened a new data centre in Sydney for its TTNET fully managed hosting solution for market traders.
iTWire - March 17, 2011

TT Opens Sydney Data Center

Trading Technologies International (TT) has opened a new data center in Sydney for TTNET, its fully managed hosting solution. The Sydney data center is the seventh TTNET facility for TT's global hosting service.
Finextra - March 16, 2011

The Democratisation of HFT

Traditionally high frequency trading has been the domain of big firms, but new products and services have brought it to a broader range of smaller firms, as David Setters finds out.
infoNet@FOA - March 2011

Trading Technologies Connects to Osaka Securities Exchange

Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) has released a new connection to Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE).
Asia Etrading - February 15, 2011

Trading Technologies Connects to Japan's Osaka Securities Exchange

Trading Technologies International (TT) has established a new connection to Japan-based derivatives exchange Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE), coinciding with the launch of OSE's new J-Gate derivatives trading platform.
Banking Business Review - February 15, 2011

Trading Technologies Settles Patent Lawsuit with Cunningham Trading Systems

CTS agrees to take a 10-year royalty bearing license under the vast majority of TT's patent portfolio.
Advanced Trading - January 27, 2011

Trading Technologies Expanding Connectivity to Japanese Derivatives Exchanges

Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) announced January 18 it has broadened access to the major Japanese derivatives markets with new connections to Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) and Tokyo Grain Exchange (TGE).
Asia Etrading - January 21, 2011

FOW Awards for Innovation: TickIt Trading Systems/Trading Technologies

TickIt has a strong name in the automated algorithmic futures trading market, and its latest product – the Algo Design Lab – fought through a tough crowd to win in the trading and execution category this year. TickIt was acquired by Trading Technologies in June 2010.
FOW - December 2010/January 2011

TT Expanding Connectivity to Japanese Derivatives Exchanges

Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) today announced it has broadened access to the major Japanese derivatives markets with new connections to Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) and Tokyo Grain Exchange (TGE).
Commodities Now - January 20, 2011

Trading Technologies Linking Japanese Trading Networks through Expanded Connectivity

Trading Technologies, a developer of high-performance trading software for derivatives professionals, including the world's premier investment banks, proprietary traders, brokers, futures commission merchants (FCMs), hedge funds and other trading institutions, announced an expansion of connectivity to cover major Japanese derivatives markets such as Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) and Tokyo Grain Exchange (TGE).
Financial Tech Spotlight - January 19, 2011

Trading Technologies Expands Connectivity to Japanese Derivatives Markets

Trading Technologies International (TT), a provider of trading software solutions, has expanded the access to the Japanese derivatives markets with new connections to Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) and Tokyo Grain Exchange (TGE).
Banking Business Review - January 19, 2011

Anatomy of a Trading Floor: First New York Securities

First New York Securities operates a proprietary trading business from its midtown Manhattan trading floor, which houses teams that execute across multiple asset classes, including U.S. Equities, international equities, commodities, foreign exchange, Treasuries, futures and options, and macro rates.
Advanced Trading - December 2010

MarketsWiki Interview: Tom Haldes, Trading Technologies

MarketsWiki Editor Jessica Titlebaum interviews Tom Haldes, Senior Product Manager, Automated Trading at Trading Technologies, at FIA Expo 2010. - November 12, 2010

MarketsWiki Interview: Michael Unetich, Trading Technologies

MarketsWiki Editor Jessica Titlebaum interviews Michael Unetich, Product Manager of the Algo Design Lab at Trading Technologies, at FIA Expo 2010. - November 11, 2010

BST Awards 2010: All the Winners

Trading Technologies received the award for best buy-side commodities trading platform from Buy-Side Technology magazine.
Buy-Side Technology - November 9, 2010

Trading Technologies Releases Synthetic Strategy Engine

Trading Technologies International has announced the release of Synthetic Strategy Engine (Synthetic SE), a server-based application that enables users to create and manage synthetic order types that are not natively supported by an exchange.
Automated Trader - November 4, 2010

Trading Technologies Launches Synthetic Strategy Engine

Multi-asset trading technology provider Trading Technologies International (TT) is launching Synthetic Strategy Engine (SSE), a new element in its Strategy Engine family of proximity-based computing applications.
Sell-Side Technology - November 3, 2010

Transformation: Chicago Builds on its Reputation for Speed

The building on the corner of Larrabee Street and Chicago Avenue, near the city centre, does not look like a high-technology centre. Solid and industrial, it reflects its original use – a warehouse for the Montgomery Ward mail-order catalogue company. Now it is base for a string of proprietary trading firms and other companies in the world of electronic trading. High-speed trading groups such as Infinium Capital Management and Jump Trading are headquartered there, as are derivatives brokerages Penson GHCO and thinkorswim.
Financial Times - November 2, 2010 (registration required)

Business Students Roll up Their Sleeves and Trade Futures at Tulane's Second Annual Energy Trading Competition

Mike Jones, a graduate business student at Tulane University, could have been mistaken for a professional energy trader Saturday morning.
The Times-Picayune - October 25, 2010

Trading Technologies Releases X_TRADER® 7.8

Trading Technologies International, Inc., the provider of order-entry software and solutions for professional derivatives traders, has announced that it has released X_TRADER 7.8.
Automated Trader - August 18, 2010

Trading Technologies Releases X_TRADER Version 7.8

Trading Technologies, the order-entry software providing company for derivatives traders, has released X_TRADER Version 7.8. The additional features added to the execution platform include a redesigned market window order pane, with an added functionality that makes it easier for traders and brokers to enter orders.
FOi - August 18, 2010 (subscription required)

Trading Technologies Acquired TickIt Trading Systems

Chicago-based Trading Technologies has acquired TickIt Trading Systems to move into the low-latency algorithmic trading space for futures.
Advanced Trading - July 1, 2010

Trading Technologies Acquires TickIt Trading Systems

Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT), a leading provider of order-entry software and solutions for professional derivatives traders, announced today that it has acquired TickIt Trading Systems, LLC (TickIt).
A-Team Group's Electronic Trading - June 11, 2010

Mizuho Adopts TTNET

Mizuho Securities USA has selected Trading Technologies TTNET platform for the firm’s futures execution capability, according to vendor officials. The hosted offering will provide the brokerage access to the global derivatives markets and facilitate Mizuho’s front-to-back straight-through processing (STP) operations.
Sell-Side Technology - May 18, 2010

Trading Technologies and BM&FBovespa Announce Partnership

Trading Technologies International has entered into a partnership to provide direct access to BM&FBovespa's new multi-asset class platform via TT's X_TRADER platform.
Automated Trader - April 13, 2010

TT Plans Direct Access to BM&FBovespa

Multi-asset trading technology provider Trading Technologies International (TT) announced today, April 12, a partnership with Brazilian exchange BM&FBovespa in which TT will provide direct access, through its X_TRADER platform, to the exchange's new multi-asset-class platform, according to vendor officials.
Sell-Side Technology - April 9, 2010 (subscription required)

TT Targets Proximity-Based Trading Strategies

Multi-asset trading technology provider Trading Technologies International (TT) expects to add proximity-based strategies to a yet-named new product in its Strategy Engine (SE) product line.
Sell-Side Technology - February 15, 2010

Tulane Launches Energy Trading Competition

Andres Rozo, a Tulane University MBA student from Columbia, South America, got his first taste of life as an energy trader this week. Rozo's group is one of 21 teams from around North America competing in the event, which got under way Monday with a two-week preliminary round in which contestants use mock $100,000 accounts to execute trades from their campuses.
The Times-Picayune - October 18, 2009

How to Become an Energy Trader

Liren Pan tried to keep quiet while typing away at his laptop computer last week in the library of Washington University. After finishing up a statistics exam, the 26-year old business student was vying to win a simulated oil futures trading competition on which his future career could depend.
Forbes - October 16, 2009

Investor Brain

Trading Technologies and Tulane University are holding a trading contest that will wrap up with a live competition Nov. 13-14 at the Freeman School of Business at Tulane in New Orleans.
Barron's - November 7, 2009

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