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The spreader that started it all.


Everything you need for cross-exchange and inter-product spread trading.


Spread across continents with double-digit microsecond performance regardless of where you’re located.

Ease of use

Leverage pre-built rules when implementing commonly used features.


Enhance pre-built logic or create custom pre-quote, pre-hedge and post-hedge logic with Autospreader Rules.

Proximity-based execution

Execute all orders on co-located Linux servers to achieve microsecond-level quoting and hedging.


View your synthetic Autospreader contract on a chart within the TT platform.

Mobile access

Monitor and adjust spreads entered via the TT platform from Android and iOS devices with TT Mobile.

Autospreader highlights

  • Create highly customized spreads through a powerful yet simple user interface.
  • Submit spreads with up to ten legs while simultaneously quoting up to ten legs.
  • Trade spreads in implied price, implieds with fractions, net change and ratio.
  • Workspaces go where you go, from the office to home and beyond.
  • Drive Autospreader through ADL® or APIs.