Eurex T7 Update to Version 3.0 – November 23rd

On November 23rd, Eurex will upgrade its T7 API to Release 3.0, which  introduces a number of functional and technical enhancements. For full details of the release, refer to the Eurex 3.0 Release Notes document.

Eurex Gateway Impact

TT will release Eurex Gateway 7.17.80 which will include support for the upgraded exchange environment. All customers must upgrade to this version prior to the start of trading on November 23rd.

Participating in the Connectivity Test

Eurex recommends that all members participate in the connectivity test scheduled for Saturday, November 21, between 15:00 and 17:00 CET. TT Support will be available during the connectivity test should you require assistance. For more details, please contact the exchange.

In order to successfully participate in the connectivity test, customers must stop TTChron on the Eurex Gateway and start various TT Gateway services manually.

Prior to Testing…

  1. Stop TTChron.
  2. Start the Price Server and Order Server services.
  3. Verify the Price Server is initialized and has turned fully green in Guardian.
  4. Verify the Order Server has performed session logon and trader logon successfully for each session configured in the hostinfo.cfg file. (The Order Server will remain in the “initializing” state in Guardian.) Specifically, review the <drive letter>:\tt\logfiles\*OrderServer*.log for the following messages…
    • “Ses. <Session ID> received session logon for session credential…”
    • “Trader Login <MemberGroupTrader> success”

Upon Completion of the Test…

Restart TTChron. This will stop the Price Server and Order Server services.