Algos in X_TRADER

Trading Technologies provides numerous automated trading tools across X_TRADER. Some of our automated trading tools have many different inputs, parameters and variations customers can use to tweak or modify the strategies behavior to suite their needs. Our goal is to simplify the list of tools that would need to be registered, which simply means the testing for each “Algo” can extensively cover the entire range of functionality. The following is the list of automated trading tools provided by Trading Technologies:
  • AggregatorProvides you with the ability to create synthetic instruments that combine the markets of two or more instruments. Users can trade trade aggregated instruments that route orders to one or more exchange-listed instruments based on various parameters and rules as configured by the user.
  • Autospreader Automates the legging of spreads between two or more instruments. Users define a synthetic spread, and Autospreader quotes in one or more legs of the spread based on the market in the other leg’s). If a quote is filled, Autospreader sends hedge orders in an attempt to leg into a spread at the desired price.
  • AutotraderProvides you with a market making algo that automatically places orders for an instrument based on parameters, formulas, and values linked from Excel; and optionally manages positions accumulated while running the algo.
  • LiquidateWith a single action, allows you to cancel all existing orders for an instrument and then send an offsetting order for the same instrument to flatten an open position in that instrument.
  • SniperAllows you to hide your intent to buy or sell at a given price until a desired quantity is available at that price.
  • Synthetic Order TypesAllows you to configure TT-provided synthetic order types that are managed on a co-located server. You can specify an order quantity for an instrument and configure parameters for the parent synthetic order. The parameter values instruct the server how and when to send child orders into the market to fill the total quantity of the parent order. On X_TRADER, the synthetic order types are also known as SSE order types. On TT, they are called TT Order Types.
  • ADLAllows users to develop their own custom algos using ADL, TT’s visual programming language consisting of drag-and-drop building blocks. If permissioned by an administrator users can deploy their custom algos to an Algo Server for execution.