About Autospreader SE Configuration Files

Configuration Files

After installing the Autospreader SE software, you must configure the tt_ase.ini file, which controls logins and memberships. You must configure this file for every Autospreader SE Server machine in your network, regardless of which type of network deployment you choose.

If you deploy Autospreader SE in a multiple-multicast network, you must also configure the following files:

  • ttminclude.cfg, which defines multicast subjects for the TT Gateway Price Servers to which Autospreader SE connects in a multiple-multicast network
  • ttmd.cfg, which controls the TTM Communication Daemon configuration and includes the ttminclude.cfg file.

About the tt_ase.ini File

Autospreader SE uses the tt_ase.ini file, located in <root drive>:ttconfig, to configure logins and memberships.


If a spread is configured using a TT Gateway whose Market Name has not been included in the tt_ase.ini file, the spread launch will fail. Market Names must be configured in the tt_ase.ini file in order to connect.

tt_ase.ini Parameters

The following table describes the parameters used in the tt_ase.ini file.

tt_ase.ini parameters




Optional section for configuring additional logging.

Log AS Usage

Enables per-minute snapshots of spread activity. Possible values include 0 (off) and 1 (on).

You must restart Autospreader SE to generate the log file.


Sets the market


Sets the gateway and flavor


The Member portion of the MemberGroupTrader concatenation.


The Group portion of the MemberGroupTrader concatenation.


The Trader portion of the MemberGroupTrader concatenation.


The following parameters apply to Gateway definitions.


Optional parameter that sets the preferred server to connect to via IP address and is available for failover and Gateway definition purposes only.


Optional parameter that sets the mandatory server to connect to via IP address. If the connection to this server cannot be established, Autospreader SE will not attempt to connect to alternate servers.


Optional parameter that sets exchange mapping. By setting this parameter equal to the Exchange-Flavor you wish to map to, price subscriptions will route to that Exchange-Flavor. In the following sample configuration, the price subscriptions to CME are routed through CME-A.






For more information on the MemberGroupTrader concatenation, refer to the specific TT Gateway System Administration Manual to which you wish to connect.