The following list details log files that are created by Autospreader SE. These files are located in the folder specified in the aconfig.xml by the LogFileDir parameter. Log files are created each day and will be purged by TTClean.

The following conventions are used:

  • * is the Flavor of Autospreader SE that is running (e.g., ASE-A or ASE-B)
  • mode is either PROD (if the mode of Autospreader SE is set for productions) or SIM (if the mode is set for simulation)
  • date consists of YYYY-MM-DD, where YYYY is the year, MM is the month, and DD is the day

Log Files




Contains server environmental conditions and general Autospreader SE information. Logging levels for this file include:

  • -1: Error
  • 0: Warning
  • 1: Transactional
  • 2: Info
  • 3: Detailed
  • 4: Debug

The default output level for Autospreader SE is set to 2. All other levels are output by default.


Contains spread activity information that is currently available in the Autospreader log file (e.g., spread parameters, price at which hedge was sent, time the order was placed, etc.)

Each AutospreaderX_date.log file will contain a unique numerical identifier (X) that identifies the spread thread that Autospreader SE is running.


Logs the number of launched spreads, spread orders, and working leg orders approximately every minute. For example, the following log entry shows an INFO level message indicating that this Autospreader SE Server has 32 launched spreads, 18 spread orders, and 42 working leg orders:

08.04.2010 16:46:34.270 | 344 | INFO | Launched Spreads: 32 Spread Orders: 18 Working Leg Orders: 42

Note: You must enable the Log AS Usage configuration option in the tt_ase.ini file.