Initial Configuration


TTOs function as order routers in the BrokerTec Gateway, and run as threads within the Order Server. Although ttchron.ini does not contain an Order Router section, Order Routers appear as unique entities in Guardian.

Time and Time Zone

Set the machine that hosts the BrokerTec Gateway to run in (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) Time zone and time. You must turn-on the Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes setting.

Verifying Order and Site Order Key Range

BrokerTec Gateways install with the following default Site Order Key range: 0S0000-0SZZZZ.

Member, Group, and Trader ID Format

You can determine and set up any Group ID you like, however, each trader must have a Member ID, a unique Trader ID and associated password distributed by BrokerTec.

When entering users into the Windows User Authentication System, you must use all capital letters with the format: MEMBERIDGROUPIDTRADERID, where:

  • MEMBERID: is the BTEC Customer ID distributed by BrokerTec.
  • GROUPID: is the customer’s user-defined three-digit variable.
  • TRADERID: is the BTEC signature that BrokerTec distributes. BrokerTec distributes one BTEC signature per trader.

Direct Traders should only trade on single account during a workup phase. Traders without an exchange ID are allowed to use proxy IDs, or a TTORD, that is mapped to a registered trader’s Direct ID on a one to one basis. This allows a non-registered trader or customer to use X_TRADER® to trade by using the registered exchange trader account.


BrokerTec only allows proxy traders (TTORD) to trade on the exchange as one TTORD per one Trader. Additionally, one Direct trader should not use a different account to trade the same instrument. BrokerTec does not distinguish between TTORD and Direct traders, therefore setting up traders in any other way can have serious adverse affects on your system.


You do not need to use the passwords that BrokerTec distributes. You can assign any password you want to each Windows User.

Load Balancing

TT recommends that no more than twenty direct traders connect to BrokerTec through any one BrokerTec Gateway.