Configuring a User as a FIX Adapter Client


The FIX Adapter client user is a standard user that is configured to connect to a TT FIX Adapter server. The FIX Adapter server determines which gateway logins the clients use to connect the TT FIX Adapters.

Note: Before configuring a FIX Adapter client user, make sure a TT administrator has created a TT FIX Adapter Server.

Assigning a FIX Client to a FIX Adapter Server

To configure a FIX client user:

  1. Create a user. Refer to Creating a New User, if needed.
  2. Enable broker permissions as needed. See Enabling and Disabling Broker Permissions for additional details.
  3. Select the user and then open the Set Fix Adapter Permissions section of the detail pane.

  4. Check the FIX Adapter User option and select one or more FIX Adapter Servers.
  5. If debug messages generated by the Price Server should be logged to the log files, check the Price Debug Logging option.

Note: You can assign multiple users to a FIX Server from the FIX Adapter View under the Users section of the detail pane.

Choosing Gateways for a Drop Copy FIX Client User

For Drop Copy FIX Clients you can select the gateways that FA_DC_CL should be able access. By default the user can access all gateways.

To Choose the Gateways to which the FIX Client Can Connect:

  1. In the User View window, select the FIX Client.
  2. In the detail pane, expand the View/Set Exchange Access section.
  3. Set the exchange access to View Only Admin. By default the FIX Client will connect to all TT Gateways.
  4. Uncheck any gateways that the FIX client should not access.
  5. Click the Save icon for the FIX User.

Viewing FIX Adapter Account Defaults

The View FIX Adapter Account Defaults section of the details pane lists the FIX Adapter account defaults that the brokers have configured for the user. Click the left-arrow to view additional detail.