Creating Trading Administrators


You can configure trading administrators so they have access to all gateways or specific gateways using the View/Set Exchange Access section of the user’s detail pane. When administrators log into X_TRADER or X_RISK, they can see and/or manage trading activity for traders in their company who are trading on the selected gateways.

  • When the Gateway checkbox is checked, the administrator has full access to all gateways. The administrator will automatically get access to new gateways as they are added to your trading environment.
  • When the Gateway checkbox is unchecked, the administrator has access only to the selected gateways. The administrator will not automatically get access to new gateways added at a later time.

Configuring a Trading Administrator

To configure a trading administrator:

  1. Select a user and open the View/Set Exchange Access section of the detail pane.
  2. In the Access field, select the appropriate level of access:

    Broker Controlled: Trader can trade through the gateways that the brokers have configured for the trader

    Note: You cannot grant a user who has trading permissions with brokers administrative permissions to view and manage orders, and vice-versa. A user can be either a trader or an administrator but not both.

    Admin (All Orders and Fills): Administrator can view and delete orders on the selected gateways

    View Only Admin: Administrator can only view order on the selected gateways

  3. Select the gateways to which the administrator should have access, or select the Gateway checkbox to give the administrator access to all gateways that brokers have configured for one or more users in the Administrator’s company.

  4. Click the Save Changes icon to the left of the user in the User View window.