Granting a User TT User Setup Permissions


You can assign a user administrative privileges using the TT User Setup Permissions section of the user’s detail pane. A buy-side administrator can create any of the following administrators:

Full System Access - A buy-side administrator with full system access has complete access to all buy-side administration functionality.

Password Admin Only - A password administrator can only reset passwords.

View Only - A view only administrator can log into the TT User Setup web client, but cannot edit any settings.

Note: Broker administrators can permission buy-side administrators with the ability to create and edit by checking the Manage trader-based option. Refer to Creating Product Limits for information about creating and editing.

Assigning a User Administrative Privileges

To assign a user TT User Setup Permissions:

  1. Create a user. Refer to Creating a New User, if needed.
  2. Select a user and open the Grant TT User Setup Access section of the detail pane.

  3. In the Access field, select Administrator.
  4. In the Permission field, select the appropriate level of access: Full System Access, Password Admin Only, or View Only.