User Maintenance


As a buy-side administrator you can change a user’s password, force a user log off, or activate or deactivate a user.

Note: TT Administrators manage FIX Adapter Servers.

Resetting the User Password

Use the Change Password feature to reset any user’s password. Changing a password replaces the existing password; the administrator does not need to know the user's password to reset it.

To reset a user’s password:

  1. Select a user and open the Set Login Rules/Change Password section of the detail pane. For automated users (e.g, HFS or Trader Tracker server), check Password Never Expires


  2. Click Change Password.

  3. In the Change Password window, enter and confirm a new password.If the email settings for your system are configured (refer to Configuring the Email Settings), and if the user’s email address is configured in the user’s Contact Information settings, you can also click Generate to generate a password that will then be emailed to the user’s configured email address.
  4. Click Update.

Forcing a User Logoff

TT User Setup allows you to force a logged in X_TRADER user's application to shut down immediately and restrict that user from logging back in until the Force Logoff option is unchecked. When a user is forced to log off, that user's license(s) become available to other users.

To force a log off, open the Set Login Rules/Change Password section of the detail pane, check the Force Logoff option, and then save your changes.


Unlocking a User

If a user is locked out due to password expiration, failed login attempts, or inactivity, a lock appears on the User View window. To unlock the user, select the user and click the lock displaying in the Locked Out column.

If the lock out is due to failed login attempts, and the user has forgotten their password, you can reset the password. This resets and unlocks the user.

Activating and Deactivating Users

You can activate/deactivate a single user or groups of users. Inactive users cannot log in using their usernames, but their information remains available.

To activate or deactivate a user:

    1. Select a user or administrator view.
    2. Select a user. Use Ctrl-click to select multiple users.
    3. Right-click the user(s) and click Activate User(s) in the context menu. To deactivate, click Deactivate User(s)
    4. buy-all
    5. Click the save icon to save the changes.