Viewing Risk Limits


Buy-side administrators with full and view-only privileges can view risk settings per Gateway Login assigned to all of the users in the buy-side company.

Viewing Risk Limits

Perform the following steps view risk settings per gateway login.

To view risk settings:

  1. On the Home tab, click Product Risk.

    Note: Exchange credentials added by a broker may not be immediately visible to logged in buy-side administrators. Log out and back into the Buy-side web client to see credentials that were added during your current session

    The Gateway Logins View window displays.

  2. Select a user.
  3. Open View/Set Risk Settings section of the details pane.z


The View/Set Risk settings section allows buy-side administrators to view the following parameters per gateway login:

  • Trading Allowed: Displays whether the user is allowed to trade using the gateway login.
  • Enable Risk: Displays whether risk checking is enabled for the gateway login.
  • Ignore P&: Displays whether P&L is to be considered in pre-risk calculations for this gateway login.
  • Credit: Displays the amount of money available at the start of the trading session (which can be affected by the trader’s margin and P/L for the selected gateway login.
  • Currency: Displays the currency for the Credit field (e.g., USD = United States Dollar).
  • Override TT SIM Credit: Displays whether the gateway login has a different credit limit for TTSIM trading.
  • TTSIM Credit: Displays the amount of credit available for TTSIM trading.
  • Auto-SOD managed: Indicates whether the gateway automatically generates Start-of-Day records for this gateway login.