Tracking Gateway/Server Versions


The web client allows you to display a list of available gateways running in the environment and the TT software version installed on the gateway. This allows you to see the version of the gateways to which your traders connect. Also, as new gateway features are released, you can determine whether the gateway has been installed.

Running the Report

To track gateway/server versions:

  1. From the Reporting tab, click [Select a report].
  2. Click the Gateway/Server Versions.

    The Gateway/Server Versions report appears and displays gateway, TT product, and version by market.


The fields displayed in the Gateway/Server report include the following:

MarketThe exchange (e.g., CME) where the Gateway connects
GatewayA TT Gateway or Synthetic Engine Server (i.e., Algo SE, Autospreader SE, or Synthetic SE).
TT ProductThe installed TT Product or Server component.
VersionTT software version.
IP AddressThe IP address of the installed server.
Last RecordedThe last recorded update to the server.