Tracking the Most Recent X_TRADER Version


The web client allows you to display the most recent version that each user has used to log into X_TRADER. This allows you to see the versions your users are using and determine, for example, whether there are users who need to upgrade.

Running the Report

To track the most recent X_TRADER version:

  1. From the Reporting tab, click [Select a report].
  2. Select Most Recent X_TRADER Version.

    The Most Recent X_TRADER Version report appears and displays the most recent version of X_TRADER, per user, that has logged in.


The fields displayed in the Most Recent X_TRADER Version report include the following:

UsernameUniversal Login ID used to log into one or more TT Gateways (e.g., JDOE).
Display NameAn identifier whereby you easily recognize the user (e.g., John Doe).
StatusAn identifier as to whether the user is active or inactive.
EmailThe user’s email contact.
PhoneThe user’s telephone contact.
Most Recent XT DateThe last date the user logged into X_TRADER with a specific username on the specified IP address.
Most Recent XT IPThe IP address of the machine on which the user most recently logged into X_TRADER.
Most Recent XT VersionThe X_TRADER version number from the user’s most recent login.
Most Recent LoginThe date and time of the most recent login to X_TRADER.
Login Date More Recent Than XT DateIndicates whether the date is more current than the X_TRADER version running on the machine.
Is LocalizedIndicates whether the user is using a localized version of the TT product (e.g., Japanese version of X_TRADER).