Configuring the Email Settings

Enabling System Email

If administrators should be able to send newly generated passwords to users over email, check the Enable Email option on the Administration tab and then configure the outbound email settings.

Configuring the Outbound Email Settings

If email is enabled for the system, configure the outbound email settings for the system. TT User Setup uses the SMTP Server settings and the default from, subject, and message content when it emails the generated password to the user’s configured email address.

To configure outbound email settings:

  1. From the Administration tab, click Email Settings to open the Outbound Email Settings window.

  2. Enter the SMTP server host or IP address and SMTP port (typically port 25).
  3. If your SMTP server requires SSL, check the Use SSL option.
  4. If the SMTP server requires authentication, check the SMTP Authentication Required option and enter the Login and Password.
  5. Enter the email address that will appear in the From field of the email, the email subject, and any additional message text for the outgoing email messages.
  6. Check the Include Username in Message option, if needed.
  7. To test the email settings, click Send Test Email and enter an email address that should receive the test email. You should then verify that the test email was received.
  8. Click Save.