Viewing the System Settings


The following settings are configured by the TT administrator for the system:

  • Login Rules: the concurrent login and invalid login settings for the system.
  • Password Rules: the password change, required complexity, reuse, and expiration rules for the system.
  • FMDS Settings: the FMDS settings for the system.
  • Companies: the company settings for the companies you have permission to view.
  • Product Margins: the margin values of a product.
  • Currency Rates: the currency rates for the system.
  • Version Rules: the version rules for the system.
  • Server Status: the exchanges and their status for the system.

Viewing the Login Rules

The Login Rules window allows you to view the concurrent login and invalid login settings for the system.

  • When Enforce Concurrent Login Rules is checked, the system limits the number of times a single user can be logged in concurrently (based on the number of IP addresses from which a user has logged in). If a user attempts to log in with a username that has already reached the assigned maximum number of logins, the login fails until that user ID closes a client connection and releases a license. TT SIM logins do not affect concurrent license counts. The actual number of concurrent logins allowed is a user setting.
  • If the Enable Automatic Lock Out Rules option is checked, the configured Maximum Invalid Login Attempts Allowed and Days of Inactivity Allowed settings are enforced.
  • If the Enable Additional Invalid Login Message option is checked, the message listed on the window is displayed to users if their login is invalid.

Viewing the Password Rules

The Password Rules window allows you to configure password complexity, password reuse, and password expiration rules.

  • If the Require Initial Password Change option is checked, the user must change their password the next time they login.
  • The Password Complexity section defines the level of password complexity required for all users changing their password.
  • The Password Reuse section defines the number of unique passwords required before allowing a login to reuse a password.
  • The Password Expiration section defines the length of time a password is valid. Note: Password expiration is calculated from the last time a user's password was changed, not from when password expiration rules were enabled or edited.

Viewing the Companies

The Companies window shows the companies that you are allowed to view.

Viewing Product Margins

Buy Side traders are subject to margin requirements configured by their brokers. The Product Margins window displays the product margins configured by a given broker.

Viewing the Currency Rates

The Currency Rates window displays the exchange rates configured by Trading Technologies administrators. These exchange rates are used in P&L and risk calculations in X_TRADER and X_RISK.

Viewing the Version Rules

The Version Rules define which versions of TT software can be used within this trading environment. A version rule, for example, can prevent potential issues related to logging in with X_TRADER applications that are too old.

Viewing the Server Status

The Server Status window displays the status of the gateways to which you connect, as well as information about the TT User Setup server.