Support for BVMF Accounts

Account Number Routing


BVMF rejects any DMA Trader order actions submitted without an account number, but the gateway will forward these to the exchange.

All orders submitted by DMA Traders must contain an account number. However, the exchange allows Desk Traders to submit orders without an account specified and change or remove an account number on an existing order.

Account Number Restrictions


Users must use account numbers that do not exceed 12 digits in length. If their account number exceeds the 12-digit limit, BVMF will prevent these users from sending orders to the exchange.

BVMF restricts account numbers to a maximum length of 12 digits. For longer account numbers, the exchange truncates any additional digits beyond the 12 character limit, which results in orders being rejected by the exchange.


BVMF only accepts numeric account values. If an order is entered with an invalid account value, the exchange rejects the order and sends the following message to the BVMF Gateway: “Incorrect data format for value”, which is displayed in the Audit Trail in X_TRADER®.

FFT2 and FFT3 Fields

The FFT2 field is used to support the Memo feature when submitting order actions. Traders can use the FFT2 field for account management; however, the BVMF Gateway does not require this field. DMA traders should populate FFT2 with their individual account numbers from their firms if they want to provide these numbers to the BVMF brokerage firm.

When populated, the BVMF Gateways forwards the FFT2 value to the exchange as FIX Tag 5149-Memo. The exchange ignores the value contained in FIX Tag 5149, but the value is returned to the gateway in the order acknowledgments and fills.

The BVMF Gateway supports populating FFT3 with accounts and sends this as FIX Tag 448 for order actions submitted by DMA Traders.

FIX Tag Mapping

The BVMF Gateway supports account data from the Account#, Acct Type, Give Up, FFT2, and FFT3 fields in the X_TRADER® Customer Defaults window, and maps it to the following FIX protocol messages sent to the exchange.

BVMF FIX Tag Mapping


Sent to Exchange as FIX Message...


Mandatory for Order Routing?

Account# Tag 1-Account

Used for entering the individual account number for a DMA Trader. Account numbers with up to 12-digits are accepted by BVMF.

Yes, for DMA Traders. For Desk Traders, no account number is required.

Acct Type

Tag 581-AccountType

Tag 529-OrderRestrictions

BVMF Gateways support the following values, however, only Give Up account types are sent to the exchange in Tag 581:

  • A1: Agent
  • P1-P2: Proprietary
  • G1-G2: Give Up
  • M1-M2: Market Maker
  • U1: Unallocated

Only account types ending in “2” (e.g., P2), indicating a foreign entity populate Tag 529.

Yes, for DMA Traders. For Desk Traders, no account type is required.

Give Up Tag 1-Account

Used for entering the account number of the Give Up firm. The Acct Type must be set to G1 or G2.

If a Give Up account is entered by either a DMA Trader or Desk Trader, Give Up is sent as Tag 1-Account instead of either Account# or FFT3.

Yes, if Acct Type is G1 or G2.


Tag 5149-Memo

Free Text (up to 50 characters)



Tag 448

Used for entering the account number for the DMA Trader’s firm. If entered, the FFT3 value is sent to the exchange as Tag 448 and appears in the X_TRADER® Order and Fill window.

Yes, for DMA Traders if no Account# is entered; otherwise, this is an optional field. FFT3 is not required for Desk Traders.