Configurations to Support Failover


This section lists configuration steps that users must take to ensure their environment and users are prepared for any potential failover event.

User Configuration

To support failover:

  • Administrators must set up and configure DMA and Desk order sessions on both primary and backup BVMF Gateways.
  • Administrators must configure users to have login access to DMA and Desk order sessions on both the primary and backup TT Gateways. This is controlled via the “Available to User” checkbox in TT User Setup. Exchange-specific permissions should match between the primary and backup DMA and Desk sessions.
  • For users using TT User Setup to manage risk, each user must be configured with identical risk settings assigned to both the primary and backup Gateways.

Cancel on Disconnect

The Cancel on Disconnect functionality is configurable at the exchange. If enabled, all working orders are canceled when the gateway loses connectivity to the exchange.

Algo Templates

Users may pre-configure Algo templates using backup gateways on the Algo SE server. The template allows users to readily launch Algo’s on the backup TT Gateway.

For information on creating Algo templates, review the Managing Algo Templates section of the X_TRADER® help.