CME Gateway

Upgrade Considerations


The first group of Market Segment Gateways for Phase 2 is available as of February 7, 2016. CME Group plans to complete the launch of all Market Segment Gateways by April 10, 2016.  During the CME Group's migration period from February 7th to April 10th, TT CME Gateway 7.18.30 or later supports order routing for either Phase 1 or Phase 2 products, but not both.  Prior to April 10th, configure your CME Gateway to support either Phase 1 or Phase 2.

If you upgrade to CME Gateway 7.18.30 and later prior to April 10th and want to continue to trade the Pre-Open on TAS products, you do not need to make any configuration changes to your gateway until after close of trading on April 8th. The CME-MSGWs.cfg file that installs with CME Gateway 7.18.30 and later is configured by default to continue routing orders for these products.

However, on April 10th when the migration period ends, your Phase 1 MSGW sessions IDs will no longer connect to the exchange. You will need to comment (disable) these Phase 1 parameters in CME-MSGWs.cfg and hostinfo.cfg to continue trading on the CME Gateway.

If you want to support order routing via direct MSGW connections for Phase 2 products (including TAS) after an upgrade during and/or after the migration period, you'll have to upgrade to CME Gateway 7.18.30 or later and make the gateway configuration changes described in this section.

Configuration Changes

To enable direct access to Market Segment Gateways for all products in Phase 2 after an upgrade, you will have to make the following configuration changes:

  • Open the CME-MSGWs.cfg file in a text editor and uncomment the IP addresses and Market Segment IDs for the products that you want to trade. To "uncomment" the parameters, remove the # character in front of each section, PrimaryIP, and MarketSegmentId. Also,  comment-out the Phase 1 Market Segment Gateway channel for TAS products.
  • Open hostinfo.cfg file in a text editor and configure a Market Segment Gateway session as part of an existing iLink session using your iLink exchange credentials for Phase 2. Also, comment-out or remove the Market Segment Gateway (MSGW) session ID, password, and port for Phase 1. The MSGW session ID, password, and port for Phase 2 provides order routing via the uncommented (enabled) Market Segment IDs.
Refer to "Configuring Market Segment Gateway Sessions," for more details about configuring CME-MSGWs.cfg and hostinfo.cfg to support MSGW sessions.