Support for Accounts

Account Code Mapping

For normal trading, traders are required to specify a TT Account Code in the Acct Type field in X_TRADER®. The Account Codes are mandatory for order routing, and the Account Code mapping to CTI/Origin values is configurable on the Eris/GovEx Gateway in the hostinfo.cfg file. For a definition of the CTI/origin values, refer to Configuring an Order Session.

The following table shows the default mapping:

Default Account Code Mapping and Exchange API Field Mapping
TT Account CodeCTI/OriginSent to the Exchange as FIX Order API Message...Mandatory for Order Routing?
A14IFIX Tag 528 (Origin Code) and FIX Tag 582 (Customer Type Indicator)Yes

The Eris/GovEx Gateway populates FIX Tag 528 (Origin Code) and FIX Tag 582 (Customer Type Indicator) with the CTI/Origin value, and sends these to the exchange for Eris Futures contracts and for Eris Spread contracts with at least one Eris Futures contract as the constituent leg.

Account Numbers

The Account# field in X_TRADER is not mandatory for order routing and can be left blank. However, if an account number is entered in this field, it is sent to the exchange as FIX Tag 1 on order actions submitted through the Eris/GovEx Gateway.

FFT1, FFT2, and FFT3

If populated by the client trading application, FFT1, FFT2, and FFT3 are not sent to the exchange.