Supported Order Types


This appendix lists order types supported by the Eris/GovEx Gateway.

Order Types

The following table lists the various order types that a user can submit through the Eris/GovEx Gateway.

Supported Order Types

Order Type


Immediate or Cancel (IOC) - Market and Limit

Fill Or Kill (FOK) - Market and Limit

Good Till Cancel (GTC) - Market and Limit

Good Till Day (GTD) - Market and Limit

Good Till Date (GTDate) - Market and Limit

Iceberg (GovEx Bond products only)

Notes: GTDate and GTC orders can be submitted, but all working orders are deleted by the exchange by 17:30 EST/EDT if the FIX order ID is configured to cancel orders on disconnect.

The Exchange supports Stop Limit and Stop Market orders that are triggered based on Bid and Ask price only. Currently, the TT system does not support native stop orders triggered based on the price type of 'Bid' and 'Ask'. Stop orders are only supported through the Synthetic SE.