Single Gateway Failure


The user should confirm with the exchange that in the event the customer has only one Eris/GovEx Gateway, and it fails, the exchange places all traders' orders into an inactive state.

Gateway Failure

When a single Eris/GovEx Gateway fails during trading hours all orders continue working at the exchnage. Traders stop receiving data (prices, fills, order data) from the Eris/GovEx Gateway until reconnection.

Gateway Software Recovery

After a failure, TTChron restarts any components scheduled to be running. After a successful restart of the gateway, the following activities occur:

  • Fills: From the exchange, the Eris/GovEx Gateway requests and downloads all successful fills. The Eris/GovEx Gateway does not download any fill information that has already been received from the exchange.
  • Orders: Upon reconnect, traders’ can resume trading and the traders’ Order Book repopulates to reflect current order status.

Gateway Hardware Recovery

If you do not recover your Eris/GovEx Gateway the same day as the failure, all fills from that day are lost.

Example Scenario - No Failover

Quick Financial Services (QFS) has one Eris/GovEx Gateway. During trading hours, their gateway experiences a drive head crash, and immediately, all traders lose their connection to the exchange. The exchange displays red in Guardian, prices stop updating, and no new fills are received. Even though they have X_TRADER® open, traders lose the ability to trade on the exchange.

QFS installs and starts up another Eris/GovEx Gateway that same day using the same configuration as the failed TT Gateway. When it connects to the exchange, it downloads all of the day’s fills and any working orders for all traders configured in its hostinfo.cfg file. Traders can log back into the exchange and begin trading at current prices. No fill or order data is lost.