Trader and Firm Identification

Obtaining Exchange Credentials

The Eris website provides ( instructions for registering traders, clearing firms, and brokers.

Eris/GovEx provides the following types of user IDs:

  • FIX Order ID: Required for placing and viewing orders receiving real-time trade confirmations and fills.
  • FIX Market Data ID: Required for receiving and viewing market data.
  • FIX STP ID: Required for subscribing to and receiving completed trade information in the event of a gateway disconnect or other disaster recovery scenario.
  • Client ID (Eris)/Trader ID (GovEx): Not mandatory for order routing, but required for submitting orders using the on-behalf (Give Up) trading functionality and using third-party order routing. Both exchanges allocate these IDs to traders, who must submit these values via their client trading applications (e.g., using the GiveUp field in X_TRADER®).

TT Direct Trader IDs

TT Direct Trader IDs on Eris/GovEx Gateways use the Member-Group-Trader (MGT) format Member-Group-Trader ID, where:

  • Member is defined by the firm. This value must match the Member parameter value set in the [order_session_trade#] section of the hostinfo.cfg file.
  • Group is the group ID provided by the firm.
  • Trader is defined by the firm.

TTORD Trader IDs

The following list describes TTORD trader IDs on the gateway.

  • Eris/GovEx Gateways supports TTORDs.
  • TTORDs are user-defined.
  • You can map multiple TTORDs to one direct exchange trader (TT Direct Trader ID).

Each TTORD ID that connects to and trades on the Exchange must use a unique clearing account.

You must complete the following fields in TT User Setup to map a TTORD proxy trader to a direct trader:

  • Exchange: The TT Gateway Exchange-Flavor (e.g., Eris-A).
  • Member: An up to 7-character value defined by the user. This value must match the Member parameter value set in the [order_session_trade0] section of the hostinfo.cfg file.
  • Group: A three-character value defined by the user.
  • Trader: A multi-character value (i.e., up to 11 characters in TT User Setup or Guardian).