Preparing to Install

Customer Tasks

Before the Eris/GovEx Gateway is installed, the customer must perform the following tasks:

  • Obtain the host server IP addresses, associated passwords, and connection ports. Eris may distribute this information in a separate document (or e-mail). You must obtain one set of connection information for each Order Router or customer membership that uses the Eris/GovEx Gateway.
  • For circuit sizing (network bandwidth) between your network and the exchange host, refer to the Eris Exchange specifications.
  • Confirm that all network routes to the exchange work from the Eris/GovEx Gateway server.
  • Obtain the IP address that the exchange defines for your TT Gateway. You must use this IP address as the NATed address if you are using a NAT firewall.

Installer Tasks


Consider the following when installing a Eris/GovEx Gateway:

  • When performing any of the Eris/GovEx Gateway installation tasks, you must be logged into the gateway server as an Administrator.
  • Procedures and tasks presented in this manual supplement the information stored in the TT Gateway Architecture System Administration Manual Version 7.X.

As the installer, you must perform the following tasks before installing the Eris/GovEx Gateway:

  • If you have TT products of Version 7.X already installed on the network, you must obtain the aconfig.xml file from one of the machines that hosts the 7.X software. This can be from any 7.X machine on your network.
  • Identify the products to which the customer’s memberships want to subscribe. Use this information to configure product subscriptions in the [PriceServer] section of the Hostinfo.cfg file. Refer to Configuring the Price Server Connection.
  • Obtain all membership connection information for memberships that use the Eris/GovEx Gateway. Eris distributes these values to their customers. Refer to Obtaining Exchange Credentials.