Eurex Gateway

KRX Member ID Handling

Gateway Behavior


The Eurex Gateway queries TT User Setup on startup and obtains the KRX Member and KRX Beneficiary Account information. For orders sent by a KRX Member or Beneficiary Account, the gateway populates Tag 20013 with the member ID and Tag 20032 with the account ID and routes these to the exchange on all order actions.


Client Impact


In TT User Setup, risk administrators must configure the following fields on the Edit User Gateway Login Attribute window:

    • Exchange 1 (KRX Member)
    • Exchange 2 (KRX Beneficiary Account)

In X_TRADER®, KRX members can submit cross orders using the Wholesale Trade window. No additional fields need to be populated in this window. The Eurex Gateway sends the KRX account numbers to the exchange for any cross order submitted by a KRX member configured correctly in TT User Setup. Refer to the Eurex Wholesale Trading topic in the Help library for more details.


FIX Adapter Support


From FIX Adapter, the KRX member and account information is sent in one field (FIX Tag 50) with both pieces of information concatenated together. The Eurex Gateway splits Tag 50 into member and account fields as follows: the first three (3) characters are applied as the member (Tag 20013 in exchange API), and the remaining characters are applied as the account (Tag 20032 in the exchange API).


If Tag 50 is sent to the Eurex Gateway with the KRX member and account credentials, the gateway will send these to the exchange. Otherwise, the gateway will use the user’s credentials obtained from the Exchange 1 and Exchange 2 fields in TT User Setup.