Eurex Gateway

GAL Settings and Additional Parameters


Eurex Gateways install with the following default GAL and Depth settings in the Aconfig Utility. For details on these settings and their affect on the TT Gateway, refer to the TT Gateway Architecture SAM Version 7.X.

Default GAL Settings

Location: Aconfig/Core/Server/Exchange-Specific/Exchange-Flavor/GAL

GAL Settings
GAL SettingEurex Default

Eurex Gateways install set to 0.


Eurex Gateways install set to 2.


Eurex Gateways install set to 2.


Eurex Gateways install set to 1.

Command Line Parameters

TT Eurex Gateways support the following command line parameters:

Command Line Parameters

Runs the server (or process) without a console window.

-e <Exchange-Flavor>

Specifies the Exchange-Flavor (i.e., Eurex-A) of the TT Gateway server programs (Price, Order and Fill servers and Order Routers). This command-line parameter must be specified when starting a server program manually.