Eurex Gateway

Configuring the Price Server Connection to EMDI


The [priceserver] section in hostinfo.cfg is used for configuring the Price Server connection to the EMDI price feeds through one of the NICs (Network Interface Cards) on the gateway machine.

Section: [priceserver]

If you do not use the default NIC as determined by the Windows OS binding order on your gateway machine, you can configure a separate NIC using the [priceserver] section. When configured, the Price Server sends an IGMP join out on the EMDI network through the NIC configured using the NetworkInterface parameter in the [priceserver] section.

The NetworkInterface parameter is described in the following table:

[priceserver] section parameters




Sets the IP Address of the NIC connecting to the EMDI price feed. If you do not use the gateway machine’s default NIC IP address and port, this parameter sets the Price Server’s local IP address to the EMDI multicast.

  • This parameter is not required if your machine only uses one NIC card.
  • This parameter is optional if your machine uses a dual-NIC card.
  • This parameter is required if your machine has more than one NIC and the default NIC does not have a route to the exchange (e.g., it faces your internal network).

Optionally, if you have more than one NIC on your machine, you can dedicate a NIC to either Stream A or Stream B of the price feed. To do this, configure the parameter as either interface “A” or “B”. For example,

NetworkInterfaceFeedA=<first NIC IP Address>

NetworkInterfaceFeedB=<second NIC IP Address>

For a description of configuring the interface parameter on dual-NIC machines, refer to Configuring Dual-NIC Servers.



## Configuration for EMDI Price Server:

## Uncomment and configure NetworkInterface if using a secondary NIC for market data:


## If separate NICs for feed A and feed B are used, please configure the following instead:

Configuring Dual-NIC Servers

When operating a Price Server on a machine with multiple NICs (Network Interface Cards), Eurex Gateways allow the option of routing all market data along the same NIC.

To use this feature for EMDI, set the NetworkInterface parameter equal to the exchange-facing NIC IP Address. This dedicates one NIC for all market data.

On a dual-NIC machine, you can also dedicate a NIC to either Stream A or Stream B of the EMDI price feed. To do this, configure the NetworkInterface parameter as either interface “A” or “B”. For example,





To aid with Price Server troubleshooting, set the TCPConsoleInterface parameter in the [PRICE_SERVER] section equal to the NIC that faces your internal network. This ensures that the Price Server Telnet Tool listens to the correct NIC.