Eurex Gateway

Single Gateway Failure


When the customer has only one Eurex Gateway and it fails, the trader must call his member clearing firm to delete orders, place orders, etc. Alternatively, if they are trained to do so, traders can access their working orders and continue trading through the exchange’s front-end trading screens.

Orders and Fills Impact

The following list provides specific information about what happens to orders and fills when a single Eurex Gateway fails during trading hours.

  • For low-frequency (LF) sessions connected to ETI, all or some working orders remain in the market based on how order persistence is configured per user in TT User Setup. However, GTC and GTDate orders sent through LF sessions are always sent to the exchange as persistent orders and remain working during a gateway failure. Traders cannot submit orders to the market.
  • For high-frequency (HF) and high-frequency light sessions connected to ETI, all orders are sent as non-persistent and deleted by the exchange if the session loses connectivity regardless of the reason: gateway failure, exchange host failure, network outage, exchange event, or normal gateway shutdown.
  • Non-persistent orders sent via LF sessions are also deleted by the exchange.
  • The TT Gateway stops receiving fills.

Gateway Software Recovery

Upon a successful restart of a Eurex Gateway, the following gateway activities occur in the following order:

  • For all sessions and trader groups , the Order Server downloads all fill and order information from the exchange.
    • For fills, the order server requests all fills that have occurred since the last event sequence number received.
    • No fill or order information is lost, as the exchange host maintains this.
    • The Eurex Gateway does not download previous days' fills.
  • The Order Server trims the Order Book file by deleting data for native orders that have successfully executed. Pending orders remain in the Order Book file while held orders remain on hold.
  • After updating each order’s status in the Order Book file, the TT Gateway reads all active orders into memory (i.e., its Order Book).

Gateway Hardware Recovery

If you do not recover your Eurex Gateway the same day as the failure, previous days’ fills are not available for download.

Example Scenario - No Failover

Quick Financial Services (QFS) has one Eurex Gateway. During trading hours, their gateway experiences a drive head crash, and immediately, all traders lose their connection to the exchange. The exchange displays red in Guardian, prices stop updating, and no new fills are received. Even though they have X_TRADER® open, traders lose the ability to trade on Eurex. Traders who have a position move to the front-end trading screens, log in, and continue trading.QFS installs and starts up another Eurex Gateway that same day. When the gateway connects to the exchange, it downloads all of the day’s fills and any working orders for all groups . Traders then log back into the exchange and begin trading at current prices.