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Uploading Certificates


Because account authentication during connection is done by using certificates, you have to upload the public key of your certificate to Eurex and assign the key to your FIXML account.

Uploading the FIXML Session Certificate to Eurex

To upload the FIXML session certificate to Eurex

  1. Login to the Eurex Member
  2. Click User Administration at the top of the Member page.
  3. Under Create in the left navigation click FIXML Account
  4. Select the FIXML Account ID (User ID) that was used when creating the certificate. Verify that the Account Name is the same FIXML Account ID that was used to create the certificate.

  5. Click Add Certificate
  6. Browse to the public certificate file and click Upload (the Account Name must match the Account Name used when creating the public certificate)

  7. Click Add Certificate at the bottom of the window.

    By default, the certificate is valid for one year from the time it was created. The dates cannot be changed in the Certificate Info pane

  8. Click Save