View Local Logfile

The local logfile assists you in troubleshooting local machine problems. This log records information, debug, audit, and warning messages relating to the following information:

  • Routing status for the WAN
  • X_TRADER® gateway processes
  • Exchange connectivity
  • License and login authentication

A local log file is created in your <root drive>:ttlogfiles directory each day. The naming convention is TT_YYYY-MM-DD.log. To read these text files via Guardian, click the Tools menu, and select View Local Logfiles.

The View Local Logfiles dialog box supports the following:

  • View any available local log file: The most recent log is displayed by default. You can select other logs from the Logfiles list.
  • Show More: This button is functional only for the display of gateway log files.
  • Refresh: If you are reviewing the current day’s log, this button will update the display to include entries made since the log was opened.