Connection Failure and Recovery


The points of potential systems failure when using the MEFF Gateway include the MEFF Gateway, the exchange host, and all network devices in-between. This chapter’s discussion is restricted to total software and/or hardware failure, its specific impact on MEFF Gateways, and available options for disaster recovery.

Approaches to Failover

MEFF Gateways do not support Order Server failover. If the TT Gateway experiences an Order Server disconnect, all orders are canceled at the exchange. Once the Order Server reconnects, the MEFF Gateway resynchronizes the order book with data from the exchange.

You can configure a secondary TT Gateway to support Price Server failover. For information on how to configure this type of component failover, refer to Price Server Failover.

Cancel On Disconnect

In the event of a MEFF Gateway disconnect from the exchange (log out, system outage, etc.), all working orders are canceled. This is the default exchange behavior and is not configurable on the gateway.