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Product Versions

Product Versions MiFID II

The following Trading Technologies product versions support MiFID II compliance for transaction reporting and algorithmic trading in your trading environment:

  • X_TRADER® 7.17.80
  • TT User Setup 7.17.84
  • X_RISK® 7.17.80
  • TT Gateway 7.18.25:
    • ICE Gateway
    • Eurex Gateway (supports EEX and Eurex exchanges)
    • NYSE_LIFFE Gateway (supports Euronext exchange)
    • NASDAQ_OMX_EU Gateway
    • LME Gateway
    • LSE Gateway (supports IDEM and LSE exchanges)
    • MEFF Gateway
  • FIX Adapter 7.17.X:
    • Drop Copy
    • Order Routing
  • Autospreader Strategy Engine 7.17.80
  • Synthetic Strategy Engine 7.17.80
  • Algo Strategy Engine 7.17.80

Note: The TT Gateways listed support exchanges with completed updates to their APIs to support MiFID II in EU markets. TT plans to add MiFID II fields to all TT Gateways to support trading in all markets.

MiFID II Exchange Dates

The following table shows the mock trading and exchange API upgrade dates in support of MiFID II.

Note: TT client application versions that support MiFID II compliance will be available October 27, 2017. Pre-release versions of TT's MIFID II Gateways and FIX Adapter are installed in our DDE single-broker environment. Please see our MIFID II FIX Guide to obtain access for testing.

Exchange Mock Dates API Upgrade Notes
LSE October 21 November 13
LME None Announced November 13
NASDAQ None Announced November 20
EURONEXT None Announced November 27
IDEM November 4 November 27
EUREX None Announced December 4
EEX None Announced December 4
MEFF None Announced TBD* *The go-live for T5.0 in production is planned for November (date TBD) and will run in parallel with the T3.3 API until MiFID II comes into force on the 3rd of January 2018.
ICE EUROPE None Announced November 6* *MiFID Order Data can be submitted in ICE Production. Orders submitted in MiFID eligible markets will NOT be rejected if they are missing MiFID attributes. If the data is supplied, ICE will process the data.