Configuring Product Subscriptions 7.18

TT Gateway Subscription Process

At startup, the Price Server reads the hostinfo.cfg file to determine the product groups that it must download as specified by the MulticastGroup parameters.

After identifying these product groups, the Price Server refers to the MXProductGroup.cfg file to connect to the HSVF market data interface and obtain the muilticast product group data.

Initial Product Download

Product subscriptions are configured on the MX Gateway by enabling product groups in the [PriceServer] section in the hostinfo.cfg file. The HSVF channel and connectivity information for each product is defined in MXProductGroup.cfg, which is not configurable.

Configuration Parameters

The MulticastGroup parameters in the [PriceServer] section of hostinfo.cfg are configured to subscribe to MX Level 2 (L2) futures and options product groups. After a clean install of the MX Gateway, the following parameters are enabled by default.





MXProductGroup.cfg Parameters

By default, the MX Gateway installs with a MXProductGroup.cfg file configured to download all futures and options on futures products, as well as the Montreal Climate Exchange futures products. If MX adds a new product group (i.e., set of product information) at a later time, TT will send out a Customer Advisory informing customers of what changes they may need to make.

MXProductGroup.cfg Parameters
Parameter Description
[<Product Group>]

This is the section title (e.g., MX_FUTURES_AND_OPTIONS_ON_FUTURES). All sections in the MXProductGroup.cfg file use this section title; there are no variables.


A variable number, starting at 1, that uniquely identifies the [<Product Group>] section.


This parameter sets the IP address and port that the exchange uses to broadcast the product group data (as specified in the product group parameter). For purposes of disaster recovery, each [<Product Group>] section can contain multiple AddressFeed* parameters. The exchange specifies these values.

* is a wildcard and uniquely identifies a feed for the data that the specified IPAddress:Port distributes.


You include the line item AddressFeedA=

This sets the TT Gateway to obtain unicast product group data from IP Address and port 10012. This feed is labeled FeedA for purposes of routing.

Configuring Product Groups in Hostinfo.cfg

To configure product groups in the hostinfo.cfg file:

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to <root drive>:ttconfig.
  2. Using Notepad, open the hostinfo.cfg file.
  3. In the [PriceServer] section, configure each ExchangeFeed parameter:
    • To subscribe to a product group, remove the hash symbol (#) from in front of the corresponding ExchangeFeed parameter. After a clean install of the MX Gateway, both ExchangeFeed parameters are enabled by default.
    • Ensure each parameter is on its own line in the [PriceServer] section.
    • To unsubscribe to a product group, type and enter a # in front of the corresponding ExchangeFeed parameter.
  4. From the File menu, click Save.
  5. Close hostinfo.cfg.