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Configuring a Direct Connection

Connectivity Options

Contact the exchange to coordinate electronic connectivity.

  • Clients interested in trading on ASX 24 should contact the Exchange and pair with a Customer Solutions Representative to connect to ASX via TT Software.
  • The client must also register each TT Trader ID with ASX before trading can begin on that ID.
  • Connectivity is available through ASX NET, which is a fully managed network solution for connectivity to the exchange as well as to third party Australian financial market service providers.
  • Clients can also connect directly to the ASX Australian Liquidity Centre (ALC), which is the exchange’s co-location connectivity option. Connectivity to the ALC is also available via ASX NET.

Details regarding the exchange’s connectivity options and trading services can be found on the ASX

You can also contact the exchange at the following numbers:

Tel: 1-800-663-053

Inernational: +61 2 9227 0372



ASX offers three classes of membership:

  • Market Participant
  • Proprietary participant
  • Clearing participant of ASX 24 Clearing Corporation Pty Ltd