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Supported Order Types

SFE Gateway Supported Order Types

The following table lists the various order types that a user can submit over the SFE Gateway.

Supported Order Types


Order Types

Native (Exchange supports)


Good Till Day (GTD)

Good Till Cancel (GTC)

Market Limit (MLM)

Block Orders

Fill or Kill

Synthetic (TT Gateway supports)

SFE Gateway supports Custom Market orders.

  • The Exchange does not support GTC for Market Limit (MLM) orders or calendar spreads.
  • For Custom Markets, only Good Till Day Limit orders are valid.
  • Market Limit orders are not supported on Inter-Product spreads.
  • Fill or Kill orders that are not fully filled after 20 seconds will have any remaining quantity deleted by the Exchange. The TT SFE Gateway treats Fill or Kill orders as Limit orders.