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Exchange Background

Exchange Background

The Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE), which was rebranded as ASX 24 in August 2010, along with the Australian Stock Exchange, operates under the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The 2006 merger made ASX Group the ninth largest listed exchange in the world. Utilizing the ASX Trade 24 system (formerly known as the SYCOM® system), ASX 24 has been a fully electronic exchange since 1999.

ASX 24 is regulated under the Corporations Act 2001 and all trades executed on the Exchange will be cleared through, and guaranteed by, ASX 24 Clearing and Austraclear. The Austraclear Limited Clearing and Settlement Facility is regulated by the Reserve Bank of Australia.


You can find the preceding exchange information on the ASX 24 website at

Required Connection Information

Before you can install a SFE Gateway, you must work with the Exchange to obtain the following connection information:

  • Obtain the IP address and port for the Price and Order API connections.
  • Before you can trade on ASX 24, you must configure account settings within the ASX 24 Gateway. For functionality instructions on using the ASX 24 Gateway and the accounts you need to create, contact ASX Market Access Support.

Exchange API Interface

ASX 24 does not provide an exchange GUI.